Six Hungarian Stocks To Consider

by: Stockerblog

Here are some Hungarian stocks which might be worth sampling.

Gedeon Richter Ltd. (OTC:GEDRF) is a Budapest based company which develops, manufactures, and sells pharmaceutical products in the areas of female healthcare, the central nervous system and the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal areas. Their operating margin is 15.78% and their return on average equity is 14.37%.

Magyar Telekom Plc. (MTA) provides telecommunication services to residential and business customers in Hungary, Macedonia, and Montenegro. The stock, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange, has a P/E of 13.12, and a yield of 8.12%. They have paid dividends annually for the last ten years.

MOL Magyar Olaj-es Gazipari (OTCPK:MGYOY)
is a Budapest based integrated oil and natural gas company. Their operating margin is 14.51% and their return on average equity is 10.42%.

is a Budapest based bank which provides retail, corporate and private banking services. Their operating margin is a healthy 36.49% and their return on average equity is 25.01%.

Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp. (HTC) Although a Seattle based American Stock Exchange traded company, their operations are in Hungary. They own and operate local landline telephone networks in Hungary. Quarterly revenues were up 8.1% for their latest reported quarter, but earnings have been negative.

Hungarian Broadcasting Co. (OTC:HBCO) is a television and radio broadcaster operating in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a very low cap, very speculative stock with negative earnings per share of $3.33.

Some interesting facts about Hungary:

1. It is one of the newest member countries of the European Union.
2. Over 80% of GDP comes from the private sector.
3. One third of all foreign direct investment going into Central Europe goes to Hungary.
4. Hungarian debt is rated BBB+.
5. It is ranked 39th in GDP per capita.
6. It is ranked 35th in the world in terms of the Human Development Index.

Full Disclosure: Author does not own any of the above.