Nvidia And Micron Face Toilet Paper Hoarding Moment

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  • The chip business is notoriously cyclical, and you will see leading stocks such as Nvidia and Micron are archetype examples.
  • To paraphrase Ben Graham, perfectly timing the cycle is a practical and emotional impossibility.
  • Although having an overall sense of which stage we are in the cycle is not only possible but also sufficient to guide sound investment decisions already.
  • The chip shortage has turned into a glut. The historical chip cycles lasted about 3.5 to 4 years, and I foresee the current downturn stage to last into late 2022 or early 2023.
  • However, valuation always reacts more hastily and seems already raced to the bottom ahead of fundamentals.
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The computer circuit board and fast-moving cars. A hand holding a CPU chipset.

Jae Young Ju

The investment thesis

The chip business is notoriously cyclical, more so than the overall economy at least. And by this time, it is kind of public information that the last chip cycle has already passed its peak. You can see that


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chip supply and demand

Source: Techinsights Inc and Reuters


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Seeking Alpha


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