US Airways Joins Other Airlines in Adding PayPal as a Payment Alternative

Includes: AAL, EBAY
by: OnlyEBAY

A number of key developments to note for eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) watchers:

Northwest Airlines (NWA) in June. Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) in July. And now the news in August is that US Airways (LCC) is adding PayPal as a payment alternative. Meg Whitman was specifically asked about PayPal's increasing popularity among airlines in the Q2 07 conference call and she was right to be optimistic. She mentioned the airline payment systems are complex and that PayPal has developed a tailored merchant system capable of dealing with the airline specific requirements. She said to stay tuned for additional accounts.

Congratulations to PayPal on another important account win. At this rate we are probably going to see a few more before year end. This is a fantastic sector for PayPal growth as the majority and growing proportion of airline tickets are purchased online.