Cytek Biosciences Vs. 10x Genomics: 2 Opposing Cell Visualization Investments


  • Cytek and 10x Genomics both offer single cell visualization tools, a growing and important field in modern medicine.
  • However, each company sees huge differences in popularity, financial performance, and valuation, leading to a significant difference in outlook.
  • This article will compare the two companies and provide my outlook on both.

Human cell, colored in imaging flow cytometry style

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The Growing Field of Cell Visualization and Analysis

Modern medicine now focuses on highly specific targeting principles, rather than unspecific or generalized treatments. Think monoclonal antibodies and genetic treatments such as CRISPR-Cas9 or RNA vaccines. These modern techniques require

A summary of 10x Genomics platform

A summary of TXG's Chromium platform (Yale Center for Genomic Analysis)

financial performance data of public biotech companies

Financial performance data of public biotech companies (EY)

A summary of flow cytometry devices at the facility

Rockefeller University

A summary of the genomic sequencing devices.

Rockefeller University

Cytek and 10x Genomics Revenues


CTKB and TXG total cash and free cash flow


Cytek and 10x Genomics Valuation


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