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More Countries Are Pricing Carbon, But Emissions Are Still Too Cheap

Aug. 02, 2022 11:00 AM ETKRBN, GRN, GRNTF, CRBN, SMOG, KEUA, KCCA, KSET3 Comments
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  • Designing ways to put a price on carbon can be complicated and countries face multiple choices.
  • Carbon taxes have practical appeal as they provide certainty over future emissions prices, helping encourage green investments and energy conservation.
  • Carbon pricing is likely to be an essential element of mitigation strategies as the world transitions to net zero over the next three decades.

Heap of coal

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Originally published on July 21, 2022

By Simon Black, Economist, IMF Fiscal Affairs Department; Ian Parry, Principal Environmental Fiscal Policy Expert, IMF Fiscal Affairs Department; & Karlygash Zhunussova, Projects Officer Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

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Comments (3)

PaFromFL profile picture
We can all thank Putin for teaching 1st world citizens that their economic health directly depends on cheap fossil fuels. The current energy crisis has exposed the hypocrisy, lies, and impracticality of the “Green Movement”. It is obvious that the "Green Movement" is not serious about large-scale decarbonization because it largely ignores nuclear power. The EU (i.e. Germany) IS serious about promoting "Green" policies like energy credit trading. Their main goal is to level the economic playing field by taking away the fossil fuel resource advantage of the US. The current US administration is helping them for some nefarious reason.
Long Time Running profile picture
@PaFromFL Germany thought Russia would be a reliable energy provider and why not, Russia's economy depends on oil and gas exports.

It will be alright, Putin will be replaced and relations normalized in few years.

In the meantime, EU will scramble to diversify which is Great for Canadian Oil and Gas.
JHHAlpha profile picture
Please make clear that this statement reflects an alarmist political agenda, not factual in the least ( www.geo.utexas.edu/... ):
"As the world gears up to avoid a climate catastrophe by limiting global warming to 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius " The publication referenced above shows just how false this Green Revolution mantra is--just plain false.
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