Has it really come to this

by: Michael McAllister

This Sunday night, June 5 the FX network will be presenting Oil Storm.

Here is the synopsis:

Oil Storm will look at a series of natural and man-made
disasters which interrupt the flow of oil to the United States, creating a huge set
of crises and dramatically changing our way of life. Oil Storm changes the form
of the traditional disaster movie, as it will be designed to be an accurate,
thought-provoking and serious portrayal of what would potentially happen in the
event of if oil production  to America
was halted.

I can't wait to see how "accurate, thought-provoking and serious" it will be.  I am sure it will be thought-provoking but my guess it will lead to giggles rather than concern. 

Here are more details on the plot (and I am already giggling):

This is a dramatised documentary that asks what would happen to America if the
oil ran out.

The dramatic action opens in Louisiana when a hurricane hits the coast taking out a critical portion of the oil
industry’s infrastructure forcing thousands to evacuate and costing the oil
industry billions. As the financial markets spiral out of control and prices
rise no family in the country is untouched by the crisis and desperate measures
are called for…

Set your DVR!!!!!!