8 Buying Opportunities, According To Versant Partners

by: FP Trading Desk

Any time the market takes a pounding, the brave declare it a buying opportunity. Versant Partners, an independent brokerage shop, rolled out its top picks in these uncertain times.

Versant, however, was careful to highlight the risk, noting that these stocks “generally” have a defensive nature, as well as “several” catalysts in the near term.

While some of these picks have above market risk, we believe our selections will outperform their peer group on a risk-adjusted basis.

And with that warning, Versant tagged Allen-Vanguard Corp., as a “strong buy”; Axcan Pharma Inc. (AXCA), CAE Inc. (CGT), Descartes Systems Group Inc. (NASDAQ:DSGX), Extendicare Real Estate Investment Trust, SXC Health Solutions Corp. (SXCI), Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. all as “buys,” and Baja Mining Corp. as a “speculative buy.”