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ths78 profile picture
Politicians pass bills that fund industries they invested in

It’s green bc that’s the color of cash
pdtor profile picture
Ask me how greens are doing in the EU, after winter.
mistydoc profile picture
@pdtor If they’re smart they’re ramping up while looking for more ways to wean off their reliance on imported fossil fuels from potentially unfriendly sources. Probably need more nuclear too.
Shepferg2 profile picture
@pdtor hmmm - you're right. They should leave themselves hostage to an aggressive totalitarian nation like Russia. What were they thinking trying to use new technology to avoid that!
Great Swami profile picture
the problem with the "green" economy is that it isn't green at all. It's just a shell game that shifts the carbon pea somewhere else.
To achieve the green nirvana will require we dig up the entire planet to get the required minerals at scale. So, that would make Catapiller the greenest stock of all!
It's even more delusional than ethanol for fuel
Shepferg2 profile picture
@Great Swami I honestly feel sorry for folks making these kids of comments. We are in the beginning of a gigantic secular shift. Anyone who is not paying attention to green energy and carbon sequestration is just falling behind the smart money. Luckily for them, many of the loudest naysayers are invested in Exxon and the like, which will be a huge player in carbon sequestration. Still, I just can’t understand the mindset that would fight the opportunity to get on the front of a huge financial wave. Good luck to all of us who are investing. Just don’t let your politics waste your chance to invest in the winners.
Diversified1 profile picture
@Shepferg2 Exxon, a stock that has tripled since 2020 lows when greenies were screaming "oil is dead".
Shepferg2 profile picture
@Diversified1 You seem to have missed my point. Exxon will be a huge winner from "green" energy initiatives. They will be one of the biggest players in the carbon sequestration space. So even those who think they are routing for Exxon by poo pooing "green energy" don't realize that they will be winners in the shift away from fossil fuels. Don't fight the "greenies"; enjoy the benefits baked into "green" energy incentives to support Exxon and the other big oil majors.

I kind of get the idea that you are picking a fight with the wrong guy. I'm talking about the direction our economy is headed, not whether or not you can make money from a dividend stock. Oil will still be bought and sold for some time still. It just isn't the front of the economic wave. The other services the oil companies are pivoting to are where they will make the big money in a decade or two.
O. Young Kwon profile picture
The definition of the “Green Economy” is not settled yet.

Even if it’s settled, still the “Green Economy” can’t stand by itself, like GOOL or AMZN:

It needs the government’s favorable “Industry policy”, which is not the optimal economic policy at all.
Maschuette profile picture
@O. Young Kwon is AMZN green? How much more traffic is there with everyone getting one item at a time?
O. Young Kwon profile picture
@Maschuette We don't have the "Green Economy" yet; AMZN stands itself with no gov't help.
@O. Young Kwon I'm not sure if that's true. My understanding is that some of the non-carbon energy technologies like solar and wind and hydro are very competitive now without subsidies.
chrave1956 profile picture
It's Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain.‘
Also read 1984 and Animal Farm … it explains what’s happening in cartoon fashion , oddly enough not simple enough for most of the global population.
Shepferg2 profile picture
@chrave1956 funny how the message of those sources can be so lost or twisted by a message like this. Information gets labeled "fake" when it doesn't support a political position - that is definitely "double-plus-ungood" for democracy.

Still, stick with your winners and best of luck in the investment world. We call have to make the call on what we think is actually coming. Anyone investing in what they wish were coming will be out of the investment game pretty quick. The market waits for no investor to wake up to what is coming next - it's already priced in.
chrave1956 profile picture
I can hardly wait until we have zero CO2 …. life will end.
Coach Baker profile picture
@chrave1956 Ironically...so true!
@chrave1956 that's not the goal, as I am sure you are aware in spite of your comment. The goal is to reduce emissions to a bit below 2005 levels, far from zero. It is a bit difficult to understand why people would be opposed to cleaner air and water. I am not an enemy of carbon fuels and I know that we will continue to need them for some time to come, but I don't understand the silly anti-cleaner energy rhetoric that is so popular in some parts of the US.
chrave1956 profile picture
@5992321 CO2 is not the problem…DAVOS is The Problem
Wake up.
Is the Green Bubble the new Tech Bubble? Maybe, but I dont need to gamble on bubbles. I will stick to my boring but profitable businesses.
Shepferg2 profile picture
@Mr Nobodi - that is a very wise call. Emerging tech and energy in general isn't a game for anyone concerned with volatility. I owned a ton of oil majors - then they all crashed before hitting the recent highs. Green energy will do the same. The difference from my perspective is that I can make some steady money off of the cigar butts or I can buy big growth cheap. Either way, be ready for a bumpy ride or don't get on these horses!
ephud profile picture
Green products are the new "no cholesterol".
Yep, we all wish we could have invested in the Democrat special interest’s Solyndra. Tons of money was made by Democrat donors, of course, less the kick backs, I mean “contributions”. Taxpayers lost then and will lose even more biggly this time . . . . .
mistydoc profile picture
@JDoe20 The Solyndra scandal was the result of a lack of oversight by the Energy Department, catching the Obama Administration (who later unsuccessfully sued the Solyndra executives) by surprise. It has been Republican administrations, especially the last one, who have worked strenuously to weaken or eliminate DOE oversight, including as recently as this past week. Mistakes will be made, but if you want to surrender the green economy to the Chinese Communist Party, or please the far-left environmentalists and build nothing forever, keep dredging up the past as part of a political agenda.
Maschuette profile picture
@mistydoc failed green deals are republicans fault? Of course, isnt everything.

Let china have the green economy. Meanwhile they also have the worlds largest amount of coal power plants. China is smart. They make a killing selling us solar panels while they build coal power. The world is shutting down coal and the price keeps dropping...and china keeps adding. Very smart.

Smart enough not to be afraid of CO2. Can i tell you a secret? ...you are made of CO2. We are carbon organisms. We only eat carbon. Carbon comes from animals who then eat carbon based plants. Where do plants get their carbon? CO2. Its called the Carbon cycle. Its kind of a big deal. Burning fossil fuels (carbon based reminants of carbon based organisms) releases CO2 into the air so it can be added to the carbon cycle. That means more life on earth...not less.
@JDoe20 Yes we all wish the Gov't had invested $Billions in Tesla - oh wait we did just that to the tune of $5Billion in investments and rebates - yet Elon stiffed the taxpayers and reaped all the benefits personally.
Is this your idea of libertarian markets?
Green can't survive without gorging at the government trough.
Shepferg2 profile picture
@Elastico - Kind of an obvious fact, so long as your are clear that ENERGY can't survive without going to the trough. Governments all over the world subsidize energy production - be it fossil fuels or green sources. Doesn't really mean much in the context of finding the best investment choices.
Kanikoski profile picture
On a retail level, I would be in your target market for investing in a green economy. Here, however, you give examples of the "green economy", but you don't really attempt to define it, beyond a link to a complex classification system that boils down to "[green revenue from] products and services contributing to the transition to a green economy," which, let's face it, is somewhat circular reasoning.

Are you creating a sector that is another vehicle for the usual suspects like Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Tesla, and therefore not that much differentiated from 'tech', or do you see significant added value elsewhere (other than, as you say, renewable energy and energy storage, which already seems to encompass the electrification of transport as it develops into a sector in its own right)? You compare the green sector to the banking sector, among others, but can banking not be green?

I'm supportive of sustainability, if that's what you mean, but you don't really describe what you think that looks like from a sector point of view. If you think the whole system of sector classification is up for a rewrite, maybe you should say that.

As a side note, your disclaimers are longer than your article, and that's not a good look.
mistydoc profile picture
A concise statement on an important subject. Evolving green technology is here to stay. Ignorance, denial and outright antipathy will have to be overcome for the US to avoid relinquishing the market to China and a few other engaged nations. Even the old polluting industries were given a hand up in the last 150 years.
Coach Baker profile picture
@FTSE Russell In time perhaps. But for now it is a contrived political mandate "pre scale." If Green-conomics isn't profitable, it will fail.
@Kid Cisco “it will fail” OR it will be made “profitable” on the back of the tax payer. Either option works. One works long term. The other works long enough to make a profit and leave society to fix the mess.
Coach Baker profile picture
@dynx Unfortunately, you are likely correct on both fronts.
@Kid Cisco alternative energy is profitable now and has reached a significant scale. Check out BEP and NEP (there are others as well) if you are interested. Profitable and growing nicely. Better returns over the last decade or two than the S&P500.
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