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  • This is a technical analysis article. The SPY is targeting a test of $432, but will it ever trigger that Buy Signal alert?
  • First, it has to trigger the Buy Alert we have preset at $428. It almost did that on Friday, with a “no-recession narrative” circulating, squeezing the shorts.
  • The recent pattern sees price pulling back each time it triggers one of our preset Buy Alerts. If that continues, look for a pullback from $428 to $424.
  • Also if the pattern continues, look for a run on $432 and then a pullback to $428.
  • At $432, we think this pattern fails. We expect the bear market, 40-week, moving average downtrend at $428 will kill this summer rally. Then target a retest of $364.
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Reaching the top of a robust, technical bounce in a bear market (NYSEARCA:SPY) can be dangerous. One misstep and down the SPY goes to retest the bottom. Last week there were no missteps, as the SPY clicked off our pre-set Buy Alerts at $416, $420 and $424 in quick succession. On Friday it almost triggered $428. What a week! However, can it repeat this performance for another week?

Our signals on the chart below are beginning to show some weakness, but no Sell signal yet. Our Point & Figure chart pegs resistance at $428. The weekly chart below shows the 40-week downtrend at $428. On Friday, the SPY failed to break above $428 resistance. We expect it will try again.

Why Was The SPY Up Last Week?

Last week was a nice move up. We may not know the reasons for weeks to come. Was it a short squeeze? Was it the robots at work with some trading strategy, or just blindly following the upticks? Or were all the big sellers just on vacation in August? We don't know and we don't have to know. The signals on the chart below will keep us trading long until they change. Then when we have a Sell signal we will go short. We keep changing our Sell Alerts as the market moves higher. The Sell Alert is currently set at $416.

Will This Rally End?

What do we know for sure? We know the summer rally will come to an end and we will see a Sell signal on the chart, just as we were seeing buy signals all of this past week. They were clicking off our pre-set Buy Alerts. The SPY almost triggered our $428 Buy Alert on Friday. Are we surprised? Yes we are, because this kind of movement in a bear market is unusual. It smells like some big shorts just got caught in the wringer.

Is This Market Manipulation?

One of the reasons technical analysis is used to follow the market is because there are so many unknowns. Traders learned a long time ago not to fight the tape. Unlike stocks, the market is so large that it is difficult to manipulate. We don't know the reasons for this buying, other than it is a "summer rally." However, we know the market is not being manipulated. We don't know why the buyers are buying, but we will eventual hear why. We do know that this is a low volume move up and big sellers are on vacation. It could be that simple.

Is The Bear Market Over?

We know this is still a bear market, as shown by the long term, downtrend in the 40-week moving average. It will take the "golden cross" of the 10-week moving above the 40-week to change that. That is a long way off. We know that the Fed will continue raising interest rates to achieve its target of 2.2% inflation. That could take us into 2023. We know that will take the economy down and the stock market. We know that the stock market is a leading indicator of the economy. This bear market is telling us the economy is going down in 2023. The stock market will turn up when it knows the economy will turn up. This bear market is not over yet, because the Fed is not done yet and the economy hasn't even turned down yet, never mind turning up.

Can The Fed Avoid A Recession?

Anything could happen to change the market from bear to bull. The war could end. Inflation could drop suddenly. Supply chain challenges might disappear as quickly as they came. Excess inventories may be dumped on the market, driving prices down. China may solve its lockdown problems. Consumer demand could drop rapidly due to inflation and a weaker economy. So yes, things could happen to avoid a recession and provide a soft landing, but will they happen? We don't think so. There is no indication of peace, nor any change on the natural gas squeeze by Russia that is taking Europe down. The consumer is not cutting back yet. If this bear market was changing to a bull market, we would see it on the chart. We don't see it. What we see is a low volume, technical bounce, called the "summer rally." There is no summer rally in September and October.

Could The Top Of This Rally Trap The Bulls?

It won't trap the day-traders because they close out their positions by the end of every day. The only bulls to be trapped will be the buy and hold investors that bought at the top. That includes money pouring into Index funds that immediately buys the top of any market. Index money just keeps buying in a bear market. In a low volume, August rally, that could be a driver, especially if the big sellers are on vacation.

Here is our weekly chart showing the low volume, rise in prices to challenge the bear market indicated by the 40-week downtrend at $428. Could price break above that level? Of course. Could it stay above that level? We don't think so because of the Fed and inflation. Meanwhile, enjoy the end of this summer rally in August. Stay tuned for the Sell Signal in our daily update.

SPY - Our Hold Signal

No Sell Signal Yet, But Money Flow Still In The Red (StockCharts.com)

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