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Dividends By The Numbers In August 2022

Sep. 02, 2022 12:39 PM ETCHK, DRH, APAM, RGR, FUN, MCY, GNK, MATV, TPG, NEWT3 Comments


  • The U.S. stock market had a mixed record for dividends in August 2022. Month-over-month, dividend increases were up, and dividend cuts were down.
  • There were 3,728 U.S. firms declaring dividends in August 2022.
  • 12 companies cut their dividends in August 2022, falling by 23 from what July 2022 saw.

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The U.S. stock market had a mixed record for dividends in August 2022. Month-over-month, dividend increases were up, and dividend cuts were down. But year-over-year, the opposite story is true, pointing to downward development for the stock market.

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There are two categories of dividend payers. Those whose dividend payouts are directly linked to their business performance (variable dividend payers) and those who set them independently of their performance (fixed dividend payers).

In both cases, dividend cuts happen after their revenues and earnings fall. Dividend cuts in this situation happen automatically for companies that pay variable dividends. Fixed dividend payers have the additional step of having their boards vote to cut their dividend (they also set their dividends lower in the first place to avoid having to cut their dividends until their outlook gets much worse).

Dividend cuts are still cuts that happen because the companies' business performance is down. Whining about whether a company pays variable or fixed dividends is rather pointless and is really only worth noting for variable payers when their business performance is reliably seasonal.
RGR also pays a variable dividend.
GNK has a variable div payout
Wouldn’t characterize it as a “cut”

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