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  • The market may move on a whim while dividends remain much more stable, reliable and predictable.
  • Dividend cut or elimination odds are reduced when you diversify among different companies and sectors and focus on dividend quality.
  • There are no shortages of accidental high yielding stocks but look at real cash on hand when viewing balance sheets.

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It’s dividend income update time. One of my favorite times of the month as I get to review my previous month of passive income received from my dividend income portfolio.

Without rehashing the wild ride we experienced in the market last few weeks, I could find comfort in one thing, my dividends (even if dividend cuts are very much on the table these days). As we all know, the market may move up and down irrationally and seemingly on a whim while our dividends remain much more stable, reliable and predictable. Sure, dividends may not increase every year and a cut or elimination is even possible but the odds are greatly reduced when you diversify among different companies and sectors and focus on dividend quality (free cash flow, EPS, debt, payout ratios and these days cash on hand). Keep in mind these days there are no shortages of accidental high yielding stocks but look at real cash on hand when viewing balance sheets. With that being said, let’s take a look at my August 2022 dividend totals.

Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $892.57.

Date Symbol Description Amount
08/01/2022 GIS GENERAL MILLS INC $132.89
08/01/2022 VZ VERIZON COMMUNICATN $15.12
08/01/2022 T A T & T INC $116.62
08/05/2022 GD GENERAL DYNAMICS CO $12.64
08/08/2022 APD AIR PROD & CHEMICALS $67.55
08/11/2022 AAPL APPLE INC $11.32
08/12/2022 CLX CLOROX CO $20.16
08/15/2022 ABBV ABBVIE INC $316.31
08/15/2022 CL COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO $8.51
08/15/2022 PG PROCTER & GAMBLE $25.75
08/15/2022 HRL HORMEL FOODS CORP $22.47
08/19/2022 CAT CATERPILLAR INC $90.81
08/26/2022 SBUX STARBUCKS CORP $15.14
Total: $892.57

I have to say I’m quite pleased with my August totals. Not too far from that coveted four-digit milestone too. Of course, like other dividend investors we’re still feeling the effects of that dividend cut from T and that garbage spin off WBD. Oh well… not my first dividend reduction and I’m sure not the last. As long as I can grow my passive income on an annual basis, I am happy, and I continue to hold many great stocks in my portfolio that continue to raise their dividends and offset those occasional stinkers.

How was your August passive income stream? Please let me know below.

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I’m an early 40′s Internet entrepreneur that launched several dot coms with varying success in each. At the very least my living has been made online for the past 18 years and at the most I had a fun time in each venture.I began seriously investing for dividend income around 2007 when my business at the time was literally falling off a cliff, as most of the world was starting too as well, when my need for another income stream became more apparent. I have always known the benefits of dividends from my very first stock purchase back in 1988 but wasn't yet sold on the concept of tying up my money indefinitely purely for a dividend income stream. It was around that time that I learned about Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Champions when it all just made sense. I could literally see the effects of compounding dividends from these select companies and thought a nice diversified portfolio could provide me with a decent to excellent income stream decades down the road.

Additional disclosure: Disclosure: Long all above stocks.

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