August 2022 Passive Income

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  • With New Purchases, Drips, and Dividend Raises we continued to grow the size of our dividend Portfolio. Total increase so far in 2022 is $3,325.79.
  • The dividend raises have been quiet but I think September will bring in some nice increases.
  • The goal for 2022 is to have a forward passive income of $27,500 by the end of the year.

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August 2022 Passive Income Update

  • 3 sources of passive Income
  • $539.75 from dividends
  • 6 stocks/units dripped in August
  • Trailing 12-Month Portfolio Return +4.41%

    S&P 500 12-Month Total Return -11.23% for Aug 2022


0 Raises or cuts this month

Total Added Income from Dividend Raises in 2022 – $320.11

August 2022 Dividend Income

7 Companies paid us this month.

Stocks August 2021 Income August 2022 Income
Procter & Gamble (PG) 20.88 31.05
AbbVie (ABBV) 91.00 usd 98.70
Air Products and Chemicals (APD) 74.52

National Bank of Canada (OTCPK:NTIOF) (NA:CA)

41.18 153.64 (1 Drip)
RIT ETF (RIT:CA) 65.34 (3 Drips) 67.77 (3 Drips)
SmartCentres (OTCPK:CWYUF) (SRU.UN:CA) 32.68 (1 Drip) 35.77 (1 Drip)
General Mills (GIS) 71.91 (1 Drip) usd 78.30 (1 drip)
Totals 322.99 539.75

6 stocks Dripped in August

$216.76 more than last year. A 67.11% increase year over year. Great to see, especially in our lowest income months.

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $10.12 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month. Sweet!

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $1000.00

1K a month, straight to the HELOC.

Solar Panel Income

In July, (we always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 1,089 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $309.08 into our chequing account this month.

Last July, the system generated $283.39, so we are slightly higher this year again.

Total Income for 2022 – $1,626.52

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$11,511.74


Amount to Break even —- $ -20,884.72

August Income Piechart


Total August 2022 Passive Income – $1,848.83

August 2021 Passive Income – $1,176.38

A solid increase year over year. A lot of the income came from the private investment this month. Gotta love having different income sources.

august 2022 passive income chart


Totals For 2022

Dividends Year To Date Total – $7,125.92Other Passive Income Year to date – $8,830.68Total Passive Income for 2022 —– $15,956.6Year End Goal – $25,000

Gotta love that chart. With 4 months to go, we are 1K away from our total income last year.

August Stock Purchases

This month we made 4 stock purchases.

Fortis (FTS) (FTS:CA)

We bought 48 additional shares at 58.60 per share. This will now allow us to drip 2 shares per quarter. This adds $102.72 to our forward income.


Slowly this is becoming one of my favourite stocks. We continue to grow this position and this month we added 20 additional shares at $57.20 per share. This purchase added a whopping $8.80 to our forward dividends. Lower yield, massive dividend growth!

Canadian National Railway (CNI) (CNR:CA)

If you didn’t know, this is my favourite stock we hold. It's a fantastic company with a massive moat. Trains aren’t going anywhere. In fact I find them blocking the roads with longer trains more than ever. I may have actually made this purchase while sitting there waiting for the train to pass. Another lower yield stock rocking some solid dividend raises. We added 13 more shares at just over $160 per share, adding $38.09 to the gravy train. Yeah that pun was intended!

Stanley Black & Decker (SWK)

A new position that has been absolutely beaten down this year. How bad? Well they are down 52.55% year to date… A dividend king offering a good price to get into, in my opinion. They had a bad quarter and plan on fixing things up. Personally most contractors I know including myself use DEWALT tools and once you get that 20-volt battery, you are committed to buying more 20v DEWALT tools. I took a starter position on this one and it has fallen even more since then. I will probably be growing this position at these current prices.

We bought 15 shares at $93.81 per share. This adds 48 bucks in forward income.

Earlier this year, we sold our SmartCentres position in the RESP and moved it into our TFSA account with the plan to add to Fortis, CNR and Couche-Tard. I thought the market would keep dropping and I could add on the cheap, instead the market turned to the positive. This month I decided to put that cash to work instead of sitting idle. SWK was a mix of new cash and $ sitting in the RESP account from previous dividends.

In total, we added $197.61 to our forward income this month. The new purchases are a mix of safety, high dividend growth and value.

Financial Goals Update


  • We continue our monthly donation to The Nature Conservancy of Canada of $85.

Increase Dividends by $4285.81 this year (bringing our forward income from dividends to $13,000 a year)

The goal for 2022 is to have a forward passive income of $27,500 by the end of the year. I plan on doing this by refinancing our house and taking advantage of these low interest rates. I want to max out some accounts and let compounding do its magic. It's a big goal and will almost double our current passive income.

  • With New Purchases, Drips, and Dividend Raises we continued to grow the size of our dividend Portfolio. Total increase so far in 2022 is $3,325.79.

ETF Monthly Minimum Purchase of $250

  • This month we added 11 more units of XAW (XAW:CA) ETF.
  • Questrade* is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $250.00 a month would kill us if we needed to pay high trading fees.

August 2022 Passive Income Conclusion

Overall a great month full of activity’s with friends and family. The dividend raises have been quiet but I think September will bring in some nice increases. Either way, the income keeps coming and compounding continues to work its magic.

I hope you all had a fantastic August and your kids enjoyed their first couple days at school. My kids definitely did!

If you're not willing to risk, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot become your best. If you cannot become your best, you can’t be happy and if you cannot be happy, then what else is there? – Les Brown

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