Apartments In Free Fall, So I Bought Essex


  • We picked up 49 shares of ESS at $208.60.
  • The technical factors suggest we may be early to catch the falling knife, but the fundamentals look good.
  • To be clear, there are headwinds such as the rapid decline in leasing spreads. That's a headwind we warned investors about long in advance.
  • We tend to get excited about apartment REITs when the narrative for the sector gets awful. Problems exist, but people still like having a roof.
  • ESS is trading around 15.3x forward AFFO. Historically, they rarely go under 19x.
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Burning building roof at night

Share prices are going up in flames, but the fundamentals remain solid. Lower leasing spreads? We called that several quarters in advance. It's time to start bargain hunting.

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We purchased shares of Essex Property Trust (NYSE:ESS) today. I don't usually send alerts out on the public side the same day, but I decided it would be appropriate this time. Sharing the occasional article right away is nice because it means

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