105 November 10%+ Yield Dividend Dogs Show 102 To Buy



  • November 10%+ Yield data was all sourced from YCharts and limited to U.S. listings, with dividends under 25%. Variable dividends were rampant.
  • Analyst top-ten net-gain estimates from these 105 bargain-basement dogs 11/15/22 ranged 33.44%-77.56% from GOGL; NRDBY; KBCSY; CCU; MFA; ITAYY; LOMA; GNK, GPMT, and top pick, BAK, per YCharts.
  • Top-ten 10%+ Yield November firms, by forward estimated yield, BFLBY, GNK, HLAGF, PSMMF, NEWT, CCU; DPBSF, BAK, SITIY, and top dog, GOGL ranged 18.74%-24.82%. Expect many dividend adjustments in coming months.
  • $5k invested 11/15/22 in the lowest-priced five 10%+ Yield equities of the top-ten by yield showed 10.61% more net-gain than from $5k invested in all ten. Lower-priced bargain-basement dividend dogs retook the lead on the pack in November by over one length.
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A reader of August 2019's version of this high-yield, low priced, dividend dog list called it, "dangerous advice". Hence, this information is to be used at your own risk.

I have always advised that high dividends portend high risk. Combine

10%+Yield (1)GAINERS NOV 22-23

Source: YCharts

10%+Yield(2)DOG NOV22-23 Open source dog art DDC3 from dividenddogcatcher.com

Source: Open source dog art from dividenddogcatcher.com

10%+Yield (3A) 50xTGT NOV22-23


10%+Yield(4A) 50xYIELD NOV22-23


10%+Yield (5)UP/DN SIDES NOV22-23


10%+Yield (6)10LIST NOV,22-23


10%+Yield (7)10GAINS NOV,22-23


10%+Yield (8) 10XPrice NOV,22-23


10%+Yield (9)105 xTKR NOV,22-23

Source: YCharts

Dog catches gold winged dollars


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In addition my YCharts data supplier makes no warrants regarding their forward looking dividend accuracy. Here is their dividend yield statement: "2) We allow a dividend yield to persist for 365 days after the most recent reported dividend if a dividend is cut. Hence, this data should not be used for backtesting purposes. For true historical testing purposes, one would need the date the company announced a cut or increase in the dividend to get the proper expected dividend yield as of a given date."

"The forward yield won't catch changes as there is not an automated method for turning those announcements into that kind of data. A specific use case would require additional over-site after the screening had taken place to catch these instances. I wish there was an easier way, and I will submit feedback, but as of yet this has been how we've always done things for lack of a better method. "

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