The Ambiguity Effect

Nov. 23, 2022 10:15 AM ETZROZ, GDXJ5 Comments
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  • Introduction to the Ambiguity Effect.
  • “Make Duration Great Again”?
  • Equities: More pain ahead?

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“On the road from the City of Skepticism, I had to pass through the Valley of Ambiguity.” - Adam Smith

While we continue to watch the “domino effect” playing out in the crypto universe as a result

Itraxx Crossover

Itraxx Crossover (Bloomberg)

US High Yield YTD

US High Yield YTD (Macronomics - KOYFIN)

Global CDS

Global CDS (Macronomics -

MOVE Index

MOVE Index (Macronomics - TradingView)


US IG YTD (Macronomics - KOYFIN)


ETF HYG and LQD YTD (Macronomics - TradingView)


ETF ZROZ YTD (Macronomics - TradingView)

ETF ZROZ since 2010

ETF ZROZ over time (Macronomics - TradingView)

ETF ZROZ vs Gold

ETF ZROZ vs Gold (Macronomics - TradingView)

ETF ZROZ vs ETF GDXJ 1 month

ETF ZROZ vs ETF GDXJ 1 month (Macornomics - TradingView)

Gold and Gold Miners 1 month

Gold and Gold Miners 1 month (Macronomics - TradingView)

Banks tightening

Banks tightening (Bloomberg - Twitter)

US Corporate leverage

US Corporate leverage (Mike Zaccardi - GS - Twitter)

Earnings revisions

Earnings revisions (Bloomberg - Twitter)

Moderating expectations

Moderating expectations (Bloomberg - Twitter)

Analysts giving up

Analysts giving up (Bloomberg - Twitter)

ISM and S&P 500

ISM and S&P 500 (Michael Sandro - Piper Sandler - Twitter)

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