Giving The Green Light On 10% Yields

by: Matt Schilling

Everyone loves a growth stock, but how about a growth stock that pays a dividend of at least 10%? Not only do these yields exist, they exist within some of the finest diversified investment companies in the world, and those diversified investment companies are very attractive from both a P/E standpoint and a dividend standpoint.

Apollo Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:AINV) - Apollo is a business development company that operates as an Exchange Traded Fund, and focuses on middle market companies. One of the secondary focal points of the ETF, are investments in PIPEs (Private Investments in Public Equity). With a market cap around $1.35B and a forward P/E ratio hovering around 8.2 AINV is certainly an investment vehicle worth keeping an eye on. The yield for AINV currently stands at 11.50%.

Solar Capital Limited (NASDAQ:SLRC) - Solar Capital is another business development firm which focuses on middle market companies, however they are a more diversified than Apollo. They also tend to balance risk a bit better. Not only are they diversified in their private equity and middle market positions, they have also invested in various US government securities. SLRC carries a P/E ratio of 13.18, a market cap of $810.7 million and a current yield of 10.8%.

NGP Capital Resources NASDAQ: (NGPC) - NGP Capital Resources is a business development company specializing in both small and middle market positions with an appetite for acquisitions, buyouts, restructuring and other special circumstances. NGP has the lowest market cap of the group at $145.3 million even though they have an attractive yield of 10.7%. Investors should note that even after a Q1 dividend cut, Chief Executive Officer Steve Gardner said in a statement.

Our earnings rate for the remainder of 2012 will improve as we redeploy cash proceeds received in 2011." (I)

Kohlberg Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:KCAP) - Kohlberg Capital is both a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in both buyouts and mezzanine financing transactions. Most of their investments tend to be structured using various classifications of debt. One of the interesting statistics investors should keep in mind is KCAP's P/E ratio, which currently it stands at 7.75, making the stock not only attractive but very cheap as well. As of the closing price on March 23rd, Kohlberg's yield stood at 10.2%.

The good thing about diversified financial companies is that they structure most of their deals to offset risk, making the long-term investor much more attracted to what they have to offer. Dividend investors will not only favor the reduced risk approach, but enjoy a very nice distribution every quarter.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.