CEO Buys Shares Of Canoo, So Can You

Nov. 28, 2022 6:08 PM ETCanoo Inc. (GOEV)RIVN4 Comments
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  • Investing in Canoo Inc. is not a decision you'll make based on fundamentals. The small cap is still not profitable and it is running low on cash.
  • But the Canoo Inc. CEO buying a large amount of shares, and major customers lining up for its EVs, constitute signs the firm is likely not going bankrupt anytime soon.
  • Meanwhile, Canoo orders keep flowing and management has great credentials, adding to the allure.
  • A clear path to secure funding is emerging that may include both equity initiatives and non-dilutive events.
  • Canoo valuation is key. Dive in and you may find gold.

EV charging station for electric car in concept of green energy and eco power

Blue Planet Studio

Investment Rationale

Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ:GOEV), a mobility technology company, manufactures breakthrough electric vehicles including lifestyle vehicles, lifestyle and multi-purpose delivery vehicles, and pickups. Major innovations in design, leading-edge technologies, and a modular electric platform, purpose-built to deliver maximum vehicle interior space customizable

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Profitability Grade for Canoo (<a href='' title='Canoo Inc.'>GOEV</a>)

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Earnings Summary for Canoo (<a href='' title='Canoo Inc.'>GOEV</a>)


Insider Purchases at Canoo (<a href='' title='Canoo Inc.'>GOEV</a>)

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Valuation Grade for Canoo (<a href='' title='Canoo Inc.'>GOEV</a>)

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Stock Price Objective for Canoo (<a href='' title='Canoo Inc.'>GOEV</a>)

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