The Best SA Articles Of All Time, As Chosen By Their Authors

by: SA Eli Hoffmann

Dear readers,

In honor of reaching our millionth user milestone, we asked our contributors to share with us their favorite Seeking Alpha contribution of all time - the article they most enjoyed writing; or the one that most delighted them with its ensuing discussion; or perhaps the article they felt was most insightful, original, convincing, or engaging. We also asked them to describe briefly what made this their best article.

The list below is presented in order of the time we received contributors' submissions. I hope you enjoy reading some of the best SA articles of all time - as picked by their authors - as much as I do.


P.S. We also asked contributors to pick their favorite non-self-authored articles. That list - fascinating in its own right - can be found here.

P.P.S. We're going to give a prize to the author of the article from these lists that receives the most "Yes" or "5-Star" votes during the next two days. So make sure to vote for your favorite article!

Update: Congratulations to contributor My ETF Hedge Fund, whose article Our Conservative ETF Model Portfolio received the most Yes/5 Star votes among the articles nominated!

1) Nicu Mihalache

Potential 10x Stock Idea: Why I Believe Tesla Is the Next Apple -- "The discussion in the comments section that the article stimulated."

2) Gary Tanashian

A Timely Message to Newly Minted Gold Bugs -- "This article was published just as too many people were panicking into gold as a result of the Euro crisis last summer. It was a timely warning that gold is about value, not price momentum. I hope it helped a lot of people maintain perspective as the momentum ultimately and inevitably unwound into the intermediate correction that continues to this day."

3) Hubert Moolman

Why Silver Is As Good As Gold In A Monetary Collapse -- "It succinctly illustrates why silver, like gold is money."

4) Ivan Kitov

Predicting Bankruptcy: An Academic Model -- "This article describes the tool which allows predicting major changes in the stock market. I have already analyzed hundreds companies."

5) IPO Candy

Zynga Adds Fuel To The Social Fire, And At $10, It's Attractively Priced -- "What I like about this article is that it cuts through all the hype and emotional arguments against the company and the management team and focuses in on an analysis of the business and the valuation. The conclusions are strong yet run counter to consensus in the market. The stock performed well after this article came out. The company is doing a secondary offering which has knocked the price down a bit which makes this post especially relevant all over again."

6) Clean Energy Intel

Solar Update: More Downside Risk Before Buying Opportunity Emerges -- "I felt it was a decent contribution to an important current debate in the world of solar."

7) Zack Miller

Rand Logistics: Why Insiders Are Setting Sail On This Improbable Little Shipper -- "Good investigative work based upon insider buying to uncover the real investment potential in this regional shipper."

8) Chuck Carnevale

Warren Buffett Was Right: Ignore Political And Economic Forecasts -- "With all the doom and gloom that investors are in undated with, I wanted to introduce a positive spin offering hope and optimism. In the long run optimism has proven to be the best and most profitable mindset."

9) Jon Springer

Coal In Mongolia, Part 1: The China Factor -- "It begins to paint the macro-economic picture of why investing in Mongolia is a slam dunk in simple terms. It is data I will refer back to in many future articles."

10) Gregory M. Lemelson

Implications Of The Bevilacqua Ruling -- "The article deals with a large and growing threat to not only to real estate, but also our economy at large."

11) Arohan

DEXO: A Potential 20 Bagger Stock -- "Going against the herd is never easy. It is clear that the market is ignoring the tremendous cash flow this company generates."

12) TradingFloor

Post-Fukushima Uranium Demand Essentially The Same, Uranium Miners Much Cheaper -- "This was our first major piece on Seeking Alpha, and we were very excited about the response!"

13) Paolo Gorgo

Equinix Trims Yearly Guidance But Still Looking Strong -- "After a 30% drop in share price for a revenue warning, it was not easy to recognize that Equinix's business model was not broken at all. The stock recovered very well in the following months, and the Switch and Data integration problems are now just a road bump in the history of the company."

14) Todd Johnson

Philip Morris: My Favorite 2012 Dividend Stock Idea -- "I really believed the stock market would reward shareholders. I based this upon a 2011 20.3% dividend growth rate and rapid acceleration of earnings. Philip Morris management continued to buy back shares and is a defensive name in a recessionary climate. Income and capital gains were my 2012 projections. So far so good! "

15) Edward Schneider

6 Overvalued Short Candidates -- "That I was able to identify, clearly explain, and subsequently make readers a huge profit on these overvalued shorts."

16) Efsinvestment

Kinder Morgan: Significantly Overvalued -- "In this article, based on cash flow analysis, I claimed that Kinder Morgan was significantly overvalued. 3 weeks after publication, the stock is down by 10%, and the article is still getting comments. MLPs are quite complicated, and I learned a lot about them throughout the writing process."

17) Bret Jensen

Apple: The Most Undervalued Equity In Techdom -- "It was a great call and generating a ton of comments."

18) BalancedView

What Links Steve Jobs, Alan Mulally & Jack Welch And Why It Should Matter To You -- "I believe this strategy of utilizing simplicity to evaluate companies and CEO's will stand the test of time and is not sector dependent."

19) David Fish

Dividend Champions: Focus on Utilities -- "The number and quality of comments, along with the number of page views, which demonstrated how popular this industry is with dividend growth investors."

20) Beyond Trading

Intuitive Surgical: A Hidden Gem -- "Besides Apple which everyone knows, Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) was proven to be a Hidden Gem. Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) share price rallied more than 500% confirming Vieira's vision any serious investor would have to have the stock on their portfolios"

21) Colin Lea

Old Dogs Can Teach New Dogs Plenty Of Tricks - Strategies For Young Investors -- "It was directed at bridging the gap between younger investors (18-40) and older investors. It was a strategy piece which generated lots of comments and lots of followers. It's a piece I'm most proud of."

22) Reel Ken

The Pros And Cons Of Master Limited Partnerships -- "The readership had great interest in it and it broke some new ground to most"

23) James Roberts

Apple Is Still A Buy, Despite The Odds -- "This was my first post on Seeking-Alpha. Fortunately, the judgement made in it has been shown to be correct."

24) Rash Menaria

My Next Multibagger Idea After Rediff -- "It was one of the best risk adjusted opportunity return I wrote about. To start with it took a good amount of efforts to identify the opportunity. The article was a fairly detailed one clearly explaining bull and bear cases. So far, the bull case I identified, has worked and the stock has returned ~50% since my recommendation. The bull case is still playing and there is more upside left. I am sure my readers are enjoying making money."

25) James Shell

Bernanke's Zero Interest Rate: What It Means for Your 401K (And What to Do About It) -- "It was the first article wherein I studied the mortgage REITs which eventually became my most widely read series of articles."

26) Frank Voisin

What To Eye When Scouting An Undervalued Play -- "My most popular and controversial post, this article marked the turning point for my website,"

27) David Greene

Medical Device Companies May Have Eyes On Non-Invasive Alternative Technology -- " This article generated the most page views in the shortest period of time. With the recent interest in chronic pain management, this article is even more important as the medical community is looking for a non-narcotic chronic pain therapy that this very small company, Competitive Technologies (OTCPK:CTTC), is marketing."

28) Thomas Tan

The Beginning Of The Gold Era -- "Both macro and technical analysis of gold"

29) Martin Lowy

Is Housing Ready To Lead The U.S. Economic Recovery? -- "I was able to use many sources to provide a composite picture of the housing market."

30) James Duade

"New Millennium Iron: A Stock That's Hard To Ignore" -- "Seeking Alpha gave me a forum to present an in depth analysis of a small off-the-radar stock. I had a great time analyzing the New Millennium Iron, and compiling the data for the piece. Thanks SA for the opportunity to publish this article, and congratulations on your 1 Millionth Registered User!"

31) VFC's Stock House

Political Turmoil And Rising Oil Prices: Where To Invest? -- "Investing in the markets these days is risky and volatile enough, and having to keep an eye on the geopolitics of other parts of the world to predict what may or may not happen at home just adds another layer of intrigue to an already fun investing and trading game. "

32) Paulo Santos

What Might Apple's iPhone 5 Look Like? -- "Having uncovered a inconsistency between the Steve Jobs biographies in English and other languages, that held a clue to how the next iPhone might look like."

33) Debra Fiakas

What BioSante's Balance Sheet Says About Future R&D -- "It surprised me how readers viewed the article. Those who were apparently short the stock were convinced I had written a bullish article and those who sound like they had a bullish view on the stock thought I was unjustifiably negative. I figured my article had served its purpose in making people think."

34) Sarel Oberholster

The Independence Of The Fed -- "It addressed the status of the FED using the rules that Government and the accounting profession apply to all entities to establish where control really lies. The theme is always who exercises power and who gets the spoils. That will be the “tell” on who has control."

35) Little Apple

Sirius Hits a Home Run - Maybe Even A Grand Slam -- "This article came out at a major turning point for Sirius XM. There was a press release which announced that Sirius had record subscription additions for Q4 2011, and the company had just released the new 2.0 portable satellite radio "Lynx" which sold out in hours. The stock shot up, and was fueled by a technical crossover of the 50 day moving average over the 200 day MA, and a huge short squeeze. I knew this was history in the making."

36) Scott Matusow

The Quantitative Easing Illusion: Fractioning The Dollar, Undervaluing The Markets -- " Informative and educational, my best written article. Helps readers understand what QE really is."

37) SogoTrade

Netflix: Bullish And Bearish Option Plays For What May Be The End Of The Party -- "Netflix has a special place in my trading heart as I made option markets on the underlying many years ago when I was a trader on The American Stock Exchange. Back in those days, Netflix was a sleepy upstart and I enjoyed watching the meteoric rise and subsequent high profile crash."

38) Humble Value Miner

4 Italian High-Yield Stocks To Consider -- "My first article!"

39) Sammy Pollack

ETFs To Protect You From An Israel/Iran Conflict -- "This article provides some unique ideas about how to position for a future "event" in the Middle East."

40) Jason Kelly

Is National Bankruptcy Just What America Needs? -- "It addressed head-on an issue everybody thinks about, one that lingers from one administration to the next in a seemingly impossible ratcheting up of stakes. No investor can ignore the relentless deterioration of America's balance sheet or the reasons it keeps getting worse, and the discussion that followed this article showed that SA readers are passionate about the issue."

41) Nigam Arora

Silver Demand Theory Debunked -- "The article precisely called the top in silver, advised taking profits on long positions and advocated going short aggressively. The article was also spot on in prediction of the target for the down move. Three predictions in one article -- all were against the prevailing wisdom and all quickly came true."

42) Daniel Long

Would an Unbreakable iPhone Help Terminate Competition? -- "Enjoyed discussion that ensued."

43) Nuqudy

Apple's iPad Cannibalizes iPhone In The Middle East: Profitability Threatened? -- "Using off-the-beaten-path raw data in order to short Apple made this an interesting article to write, but getting a really insightful comment from one of our other community members was sheer delight. As a new writer this really opened my eyes to the true power of the Seeking Alpha community."

44) John Gerard Lewis

Mitigating mREIT Risks With Short-Term Bonds -- "This column explained the strategy of my firm's Stable High Yield model at The portfolio seeks significant yields while maintaining a relatively low-risk profile."

45) TraderMark

Anti-Poverty Programs Greater Than The Cost of Medicare -- "Shines a light on the reality under the 'economic recovery'."

46) Todd Campbell

Here Comes The Next Big Bank Lending Boom -- "This article was especially gratifying because I truly enjoy uncovering investment themes before they become mainstream. At the time, few thought bank lending would expand. Most believed we were heading for a double-dip recession. Instead, commercial and industrial loan demand increased by 12% percent last year. And, more recently improving sentiment has started pushing consumer loan demand higher too."

47) Ron Finberg

Swiss National Bank Keeps Doling Out The Cash -- "The article was published right before SNB Chairman Hildebrand was put under the fire for his wife's trading activities and was right on the money on the premise that the SNB would be decreasing its aggressive intervention presence."

48) John Addison

High Growth For Wind And Solar, But Not For Their Investors -- "The new report shows that global annual revenue for solar PV grew from $3 billion in 2001 to $91.6 billion in 2011; wind power from $4.6 billion to $71.5 billion. Article provides specific stock and ETF opportunities."

49) Ethan Roberts

The Next Bull Market Could Be Rentals -- "There were several critical comments, and few supporters of my bull market prediction for landlords. Yet history has proven me correct. Less than four years later, rental demand has soared and home ownership is down. Investors who have purchased properties since 2008 have prospered."

50) Erich Sauer

ITT Spin-Off Could Create Buying Opportunity -- "As the first article I ever submitted, I was very proud to have this selected as an Editors' Pick. I also feel it is some of the most clear, concise analysis I produced."

51) Crunching Numbers

Sirius XM And Liberty Media In 2012 -- "The article was written at one of my favorite times of the year, giving me the opportunity to be creative and instructive at the same time. "

52) Regarded Solutions

Retirement Strategy: 10 Biggest Lies We Are Told About Retirement -- "I write often about retirement strategies. This article was fun to debunk so many "myths" and it had wonderful comments as well. A fun read, and a regular people approach."

53) Michael A. Gayed

The Summer Crash of 2011, Or The Great Re-Adjustment -- "When the collapse happened in August/September, this article alone jumpstarted media attention for me as CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. took notice. If it weren't for this article and Seeking Alpha, I would be in a very different place today."

54) Hao Jin

QQQQ: Lots of Cash and Prospects -- "I wrote this article when the market was right in the bottom (March 2009). I was bullish on Tech sector at that time because they have tons of cash so they should weather this great recession well. It proofs that fundamental analysis works in the long term."

55) Eli Inkrot

Why Warren Buffett Doesn't Own 11.5% Of The Coca-Cola Company -- "My favorite investor, my favorite stocks, rational thought"

56) Felix Pinhasov

Don't Expect A Kinross Takeover Anytime Soon -- "Insightful analysis that prompted a lively discussion among readers."

57) Richard Bloch

Zen And The Art Of Apple's Valuation: A Qualitative Analysis -- "We spend so much time analyzing numbers, but "value" isn't always based on numbers. There's a quantitative aspect that's often ignored. And that's the analysis that can often be even more useful in deciding what stocks to buy."

58) Charles A. Smith

Fixing Wall Street: It's Time To Break The Axis Of Artifice -- "It attributed the angst felt at both ends of the political spectrum (Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party) to the cleptocratic axis of Washington pols and New York bankers."

59) Ben Axler

Extremely Cautious on Camelot Information Systems -- "The article was the first to identify CIS as a fraudulent company. At one point the market cap was over $1 billion. Today due to the work I presented, the market cap is only $140 million"

60) Nick Barisheff

Gold Outlook 2011: Irreversible Upward Pressures And The China Effect -- "It received the most comments and interesting perspectives."

61) Gene Chan

A Return To The Gold Standard Could Destroy The Modern Economy -- "One of my best work on the Modern Monetary Theory - a must-read for anyone interested in monetary policies and gold."

62) John Eastman

A Different Face For Facebook -- "I enjoyed writing a behind the scenes view of the public Facebook and presenting some not so apparent information about the inner workings of the company as they prepare to go public."

63) Dave Moenning

It's About More Than Smarts -- "Too many individual investors believe every talking head on the television. In this article, we explore difference "being smart" and being successful in the stock market."

64) Ganaxi Small Cap Movers

Cheniere's $8B Deal May Be The First Installment In A Giant Ramp-Up -- "Few Things: (1) Well-Written, (2) Editor's Pick, (3) LNG has doubled since when the article was written, as the thesis plays out, (4) reader's positive & complimentary comments that confirms the above."

65) Stephen Faulkner

Buffett Bought SiriusXM On Sale At $1.70 -- "I really enjoyed writing this article as a new author. I feel it generated a lot of interesting discussion both in the comments section, and in articles by other authors."

66) Harris Roen

What Is Driving Oil Prices And How Can Investors Benefit? -- "This article offered in depth, useful analysis and thoughtful, diverse comments."

67) Crunching Numbers

Sirius XM And Liberty Media In 2012 -- "My favorite article by another contributor."

68) Scott's Investments

An ETF Relative Strength Portfolio For July -- "This was the first article I had written using a momentum based ETF trading system"

69) Sami Karam

Poor Demographics Prospects Point To Higher Gold -- "The article was posted on July 2, 2009 when gold traded at $929.50 per ounce. The article stated that it was very likely that gold "will see a price of $1,500 or even $2,000 per ounce before the presidential election of 2012". Gold peaked near $1900 in September 2011 and is now at $1655."

70) Douglas C. Borthwick

In 2012, Buy EUR/USD As Reality Trumps Fear -- "The piece looked towards the year ahead, defining the way forward without the noise."

71) Brad Thomas

Federal Realty: You Can Huff And Puff, But You Can't Blow This REIT Down -- "I had over 15,000 page views and I included both mortgage REITs and equity REITs that opened up the content to a broad range of investors. Also, the core REIT was Federal Realty, an equity REIT with over 44 years of consistently paid and increasing dividends."

72) Nowacki Asset Management

7 Stocks That Will Outperform In 2012 -- "Nearly every stock on the list has beaten the market significantly and Bank of America is up almost 90% since the article was written."

73) Ron Rowland

ALPS Alerian MLP ETF’s Dirty Little Secret -- "It exposed the reason AMLP would severely lag its index (after approximately 18 months on the market, AMLP is lagging its index by about 18%). AMLP is a C-corp and incurs a federal tax liability. However, it does not include this expense it its expense ratio. Other reviewers either ignored or overlooked this shortcoming. Meanwhile, MLPI does a much better job of tracking the same index."

74) Kirk Lindstrom

Did Jim Cramer Really Say Buy Netflix At $50 And Sell In High $100s? -- "I used the work of others on SA to check Jim Cramer's claims."

75) Chris Lau

First Solar Vulnerable To A Big Selloff -- "This piece was about sticking to an unpopular call. By mid-2009, quantitative easing was causing a rise in solar energy stocks. Solar energy was a recipient to what would finally be a sucker's rally: subsidies ran out, government debt became a centre of attention, and this thesis ultimately proved to be a correct contrarian call by late-2011."

76) Jeffrey Bash

Crexendo's Probability Of Success Turns Favorable -- "This article was special because of its thoroughness, the additional comment added subsequently by the author and the author's continuing belief that this recommendation will prove to have been made at the "bottom", giving a long term return possibly exceeding anything ever seen on Seeking Alpha."

77) Rob Luther

Why Buckle Shouldn't Be Ignored -- "Fundamental value analysis lead to a return of approximately 100% as of today."

78) Rick Konrad

The Evolution of Brand Name Investing -- "This article helped my thinking about how brands were evolving through social networking and by encouraging the post-purchase interaction. Brand loyalty for Apple as an example, is cultivated with every app download and every interaction."

79) New Low Observer

The Importance of Market Perspective -- "This article pointed out that declines of the Dow Industrials of 40% or more resulted in retracements of 50% or more 100% of the time. Additionally, this came within a month of the 2009 low."

80) Elliott R. Morss

The Weak Sisters Should Leave The Eurozone And Default: Here's How -- "I love the comments that Seeking Alpha articles receive. This article got lots of comments and I learned a lot."

81) William Henderson

On Our Token Economy System -- "I feel that it is as relevant today as when I wrote in 2010. Steps have definitely been made to restore an aspect of fairness to our financial machinery and it's impact on people, but one has to ask has it gone far, wide and deep enough to make a difference."

82) Benjamin Mackovak

Dean Foods: Holy Cow, This Stock Is Undervalued -- "This Seeking Alpha article led to me being interviewed and appearing in Fortune magazine. Both the Seeking Alpha and Fortune articles proved to be timely as DF appreciated +90% during the six months after the original Seeking Alpha article was published. "

83) Jiang Zhang

Renren: Social Networking Top Pick; Initiating With $6 Target -- "Mapping out the potential of real-name social networking vs. non-real name platform (Twitter, Weibo etc)"

84) John Lindauer

A Letter From Adam Smith To Investors -- "It put the real world into perspective for investors who are caught up and misled by the inaccurate "common knowledge" that exists about our economy."

85) Adam Gefvert

Inhibitex: The Next Hot Pharma Stock -- "Hepatitis C had been advertised all over cities, so in hindsight it makes sense to invest in the pharma companies working on a cure. A successful stock picker pays attention to his surroundings, sometimes the next big thing is right in front of you."

86) Francis Ayensu

New World Order: Brazil becomes the 6th largest world economy -- "It's a great article that gives insight into the dynamics of world trade."

87) John Lindauer

Why Investments In China Will Eventually Be Worthless -- "The fervor and unreality of the reader responses astonished me for two reasons: Many people seem to view investing in gold with a religious fervor rather than as a rational investment to be carefully analyzed; the inaccurate and self-serving facts and claims by charlatans writing about gold seem to be believed by more investors than I would have imagined possible."

88) One Family's Blog

Valuing Berkshire Hathaway Stock -- "Berkshire Hathaway is traditionally valued using a sum-of-parts model consisting of: Value of investments; earnings from sources other than investments and insurance underwriting; and efficacy with which retained earnings will be deployed in the future. The model has the following problems: placing a value on the float insurance companies maintain, which is more of an art than a science; and Berkshire has historically generated returns well above average on retained earnings but going forward what it will generate is a guessing game. The article solves these problems by applying Fundamental Analysis to value Berkshire Hathaway."

89) Stanley Barton

My Affair With Silver... And Where It Goes From Here -- "I enjoyed writing this article because it tapped into the passion that silver investors feel for the metal. I was able to assign human-like qualities to the companies that were featured with somewhat risque innuendo, and that made it fun to write and read. It got good comments, including the "best article" ever on Seeking Alpha."

90) Larry Doyle

What The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Should Investigate? -- "I liked this article the most for the very simple reason that it addressed a host of questions which America deserved to have answered but hit hard at the nexus of the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and Washington which effectively captured our financial regulatory system."

91) The Financial Lexicon

Buffet Admits He Was 'Dead Wrong' On Housing -- "In this article, I was able to analyze the future of housing in a way I've never seen an article do before (using college degrees, square footage, and households by family type) all while also putting Buffett's recent comments on housing in their rightful place."

92) James Emerson

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration: Fool's Gold -- "In the five months after the article was published the stock lost 75% of its value. What was special was that management and shareholders were paying attention. The article provoked a venomous response from the company's Chairman. Additionally, one of the largest shareholders published a rebuttal on Seeking Alpha. Several months later that shareholder sent me a congratulatory e-mail."

93) My ETF Hedge Fund

Our Conservative ETF Model Portfolio -- "This was our first article, detailing a comprehensive and mechanical ETF investing strategy anyone can follow and use profitably. We received a lot of positive feedback and this triggered several follow-up articles"

94) Vijay Rao

Uniontown Energy: Nearly Worthless Stock Being Heavily Promoted -- "The article was thorough, presented a very strong case, and was proven right by the SEC and the market soon after."

95) Prashanth Jnanendra

Future Prospects For The Big 3 In The EDA Industry -- "Researching the business model of EDA companies led me to read the annual filings (10-k) of these firms. The joy of reading and assimilating the filings inspired me to write the article. The pleasure was all mine!"

96) Glaucus Research

Chinese Filings Show That China Medical Technologies Acquired A Business From Parties Secretly Related To Chairman -- "This was the first article that published evidence that supported allegations that the Chairman was embezzling funds from shareholders."

97) Bryce Istvan

5 Drugs That Own the Prostate Pipeline -- "This article also allowed me to strongly establish my credentials in biotech/health care writing which in turn allowed me to get to know several other well known and respected SA contributors in that space. Additionally, it played a major role in landing me a job."

98) EconMatters

How Home Depot Delivers Where Competitors Fail -- "I really enjoyed combining personal experience into the stock evaluation process."

99) Sol Palha

Positioning To Profit From The Pan Asia Gold Exchange -- "This article was special because while researching the Pan Asia Gold Exchange, (PAGE) I found that there was a possibility that this exchange would make trading in precious metals more open and less prone to manipulation. It’s a well-known fact that the Metal houses in NY and London have conspired over the years to manipulate the price of Gold. With the Advent of PAGE, there seems to be a real possibility that the small guy will finally have the opportunity of playing on a level field. Too optimistic perhaps but it would a lot better than the current options."

100) Alex Filonov

Cloud Computing Investing Ideas -- "Great comments. And the fact I was mostly right."

101) Eiad Asbahi

Evaluating The Clouds Overshadowing A-Power Energy Generation Systems -- "Our research into A-Power Energy Generation Systems pointed to a company likely inflating the financials it files with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our research piece was followed by director resignations, an auditor resignation, and the opening of an investigation by the SEC into potential violations by the company and its management of federal securities laws."

102) Andrew Noland

9 Stocks To Take Advantage Of The Market's Misuse Of Discount Rates -- "It expressed investing ideas that I had been thinking about for a long time but was unsure of how to put into words."

103) Simon Moore

Debunking S&P 500 Profit Margin Anxiety -- "I appreciated the positive feedback I received on this article, and I enjoyed taking a step back to give at a broader market issue the examination it deserves."

104) Jacob Steinberg

Why I Would Rather Buy REITs Than Buy A Rental Home -- "It was fun to write and it addressed an issue I also wanted an answer of. I conducted this research out of my personal curiosity and it ended up as an article."

105) Tom Madell

Bull Markets And Investor Pessimism: Why The Huge Disconnect? -- "Ties together many themes that are currently holding a great number of investors back."

106) James A Kostohryz

Why Apple Should Borrow Cash And Pay Out A Whopping Dividend -- "This article advocated that AAPL pay a dividend in order to realize value for shareholders. was. The article was ahead of its time in several respects. In the last couple of months, AAPLs price has skyrocketed, in large measure due to expectations that the company would institute a dividend. AAPL has apparently seen the light and has, indeed, announced a dividend. "

107) Roger I. McNamara

Schlumberger - Driller Extraordinaire -- "It is a fine company which has served patient investors well over many decades."

108) Alan Johnson

Implications Of The New Normal For Retirees -- "The Boomer generation has been handed an investment management challenge that many did not want and are ill-equipped to handle. In this article and those that follow I hope to be able to contribute to their understanding of retirement portfolio management concepts."

109) Mike Maher

Breaking Down the Alerian MLP Index: Rankings And Conclusions -- "I liked writing the whole series of articles, comparing the largest MLPs in the Alerian Index. I truly believe that with a little bit of work and research, individual investors can beat these large funds."

110) Clay Mahaffey

Energy Industry Pulling A Railcar Recovery -- "Great research - relevant info the economy. Will help investors and traders"

111) Michael Cooper

How Groupon Generated 6,352% Returns For Private Shareholders -- "My original suspicion was that with such a large uptick in the value of Groupon from private days to the IPO, little value was left for public shareholders. As I dug into my research for the article, everything I read confirmed and enhanced my original views. Research absolutely pays off."

112) Katchum

Zero Hour Debt In 2013 -- "I think everyone needs to be aware that money printing isn't going to help the economy. That's why the Zero Hour Debt chart is so important to me. The Zero Hour Debt chart was first introduced to me by Marc Faber during his 2008 Slovenia Conference and that is also the year I started following the macroeconomy."

113) Rocco Pendola

Netflix's Business Model Isn't Sustainable -- "Great comment section. Helped grow/solidify my SA following over long-term."

114) Michael Filighera

6 Timber Sector Picks That Offer Potential High Returns -- "Finding strong investment potential within a sector that seems to basically go unnoticed was exciting. The response to the article was also great in that I was surprised that there was as much interest within the investor community. "

115) Ralph Shell

Greek Bailout Discussions Continue, Deadline Needed -- "Who says that writing about financial markets must be dull. This is a whimsical description of negotiations and proceedings of the Greek bail out."

116) Josh Patt

How Precious Is Silver? -- "It was very timely, but it makes a point that is as important today as when the article was write."

117) Adam Levine Weinberg

Why I Still See Trouble On The Horizon for J.C. Penney -- "I used a detailed sales and inventory analysis to predict a future cut in J.C. Penney's guidance and earnings. My predictions for quarterly sales, margins, and earnings were all much closer to the actual figures than management's guidance."

118) Finance Banter

Putting in Protection With Options -- "Tries to debunk some myths about options and how they can be used as part of a portfolio."

119) Kevin Berk

BOFI: 6 Reasons To Buy The Future Costco Of Banking -- "I felt the stock was under-followed and the article helped bring attention to the strategy of the company."

120) Ray Meadows

High Conviction: An Underpriced Commercial REIT -- "It rose 25% - hitting and surpassing my target price within 2 months! And its now back in very cheap territory so the article is relevant once again."

121) Paul Nouri

Healthcare In The Penalty Box -- "I liked the ability to bring a fresh perspective on the space at a time when most investors didn't even want to look at the stocks. Most of the stocks mentioned have had respectable moves up since the article was published."

122) David Brown

Is It Time To Buy? -- "There were a lot of good comments and the stock picks have done very well."

123) Giancarlo Nicoli

Setting Up A Laid-Back, High-Yield Portfolio -- "I tried to put in some wit."

124) The Deliberate Trader

A Contrary Option Trade With TLT -- "This was one of our least viewed articles, but one of the most successful trade of the year."

125) Inefficiency Hunter

How Likely Is Another Oil Price Crash? -- "This article had a great discussion beneath it, especially a contribution from Freddy Hunter. I was also pleased that it made Editors' Pick."

126) Mike Stallings

Why Apple Should (and Could) Buy Sirius -- "Very first article I wrote, was not super popular but showed I could be a contributor."

127) Joseph Shaefer

Can You Hear the Bell Signaling a Bottom? -- "We are value investors, not trend followers. We don't try to "time" the market nor discern its pennants, flags or flying saucers. We simply buy when quality firms are incredibly cheap and sell when they become overpriced. This article, written on the day the market reached what would, in hindsight, prove to be its low for the cyclical bear of 2007-2009, was roundly denigrated at the time. History proves our course was correct: value will always return to and above the mean."

128) Dark Horse Traders' Hedge

Money Changes Everything -- "Besides the fact that I wrote it :) This article generated twice the normal amount of page views I receive and helped readers to position trades and options that made above market returns."

129) Jeff Paul

After The Dividend Cut: To Buy Or To Sell -- "It offered a different perspective on dividend cutters using historical data, and cross-appeal to growth-oriented investors looking for capital gain opportunities."

130) Modernist

Market Fails To Price Zynga As A Gambling Company -- "Seeking Alpha broke the story of a direct alpha opportunity in Zynga shares based on gambling news. Readers had two opportunities in the following weeks: trade multiple gambling developments, or buy Zynga around $8 and sell around $16, a low and high which Modernist anticipated in the comment section."

131) Daniel Lauchheimer

Why Natural Gas Prices Will Rebound -- "The great feedback from readers which had two advantages: 1. Really forced me to sharpen my ideas 2. Piqued my interest to look into other more tangential topics relating to my article."

132) Marc Lichtenfeld

The Best Way to Invest in Dividend Yielding Stocks -- "It's a strategy I strongly believe in and the enormous response from readers."

133) The Banker

First Business Financial: An Inexpensive Bank With Unrecognized Solid Earnings Growth -- "still very relevant article - valuation is still very low."

134) R.G.Analytics

Avanir: Addressing The Strength Of Nuedexta's Patents; Imminent Short Squeeze -- "It highlights the facts that short sellers try to ignore!"

135) Mike Scully

The Silver Singularity Is Near -- "It was by far my most read and most commented on article. I think it presents a concise case for why silver has an explosive up-side."

136) Daryl Montgomery

Is the Stock Market Rolling Over? -- "Suggested taking aggressive short positions on the stock market because a big drop was possible. The Flash Crash happened 2 days later."

137) Bob Kirtley

Looking At $100 Shares Of Silver Wheaton Corporation -- "The quality of the responses that the article generated was special for us."

138) Bill Maurer

6 Stocks To Be Careful With Going Into Earnings -- "Sometimes, it is not about making money, it is about avoiding losses. Earnings season is a great place to lose money, and this article aimed to prevent that."

139) Danny Furman

Sustainable Products Mean Unsustainable Profits -- "No sector has performed worse than solar, nor any leader worse than FSLR, since the article was written."

140) Vince Martin

Internet Bubble 2.0: Facebook And Lessons Learned -- "Truly enjoyed the research, and was surprised by the (relative) success of the dot-com leaders in the decade-plus since their peak."

141) George Fisher

2012 Portfolio Picks For Growth, Income And Speculative Investors -- "This article offers a diversified value and income portfolio for further research,and is inclusive of most investor's focus. With a base of dividends, many of these offer both income and the potential for medium/long-term capital gains."

142) Frank J. Constantino

A 5-Stock Growth Portfolio To Beat The Market In 2012 -- "This article was the most enjoyable to write because I closely watch these five companies and own most of them personally. I think the article is still relevant and timely despite several of these stocks running up already this year."

143) Stuart Staines

The Time To Go Short The Yen Is Now -- "It offers an historical and cultural perspective to what may soon prove to be the Big Short of this decade."

144) Dr. Kris

The Myth Of Diversification -- "The article successfully refutes the standard thesis that a portfolio must be diversified over many asset classes in order to achieve a desired return at minimum risk."

145) Steven Hansen

Japanese Meltdown Will Inhibit U.S. Recovery -- "Forecasts are always opinion - there is no way to prove what the future will bring. This forecast was on target, not only for the Japanese economy - but its contagion throughout the world."

146) Robert Weinstein

JDS Uniphase: Investors Are Way Too Excited -- "What made this article special to me was the milestone it represents in my willingness to accept criticism for calling a “loved” stock a good short candidate. Now if I believe a stock will make a good article I will write it regardless of expected comments."

147) Stephen Rosenman

Apple: Tax Constraints Will Force Overseas Ventures -- "The article scooped the big story: Apple has primarily been accumulating cash overseas rather than domestically, which constrained dividends. Since the article, a variety of analysts and press began noticing the development. It is the story that will drive Apple's future growth opportunities. "

148) George Spritzer

Nuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund 2: A Good Core Holding -- "This article was the first in a series on municipal bond closed-end funds. It provided a good framework to evaluate these funds."

149) Jon Slotnick

Oncothyreon: $31 For Shares? Don't Believe The Hype -- "It was designed to help traders and those new to the market avoid losing money based on an analyst's opinion. As it turns out, ONTY shares have plummeted in price since the analyst's note."

150) Brian Harper

Stonemor Dividend Unsustainable -- "First SA published piece on the short thesis for this company. Resulted in active discussion."

151) Old Trader

Will Altria Take To The Bottle... -- "The fact that I was able to focus on something that I felt was important, yet more or less overlooked by people following MO (a not inconsiderable number)."

152) Clay King

An Income Portfolio Is Like A Living Bridge -- "The beauty of the living bridge gives life and meaning to the that of building a financial income stream for life and generations beyond."

153) David Zanoni

General Electric Is Diversified, Undervalued, And At A Turning Point -- "This article generated a healthy comment discussion among multiple users - some who were former GE employees, long-term stockholders, etc. It generated the most comments compared to any of my other articles. I also felt that the analysis was complete and accurate. "

154) Monty Spivak

Dividend Growth Stocks May be Overrated Investments -- "This article challenges the benefits of holding dividend-growth investments relative to high-yield securities. It is based upon the present-value of cashflows, and the spreadsheets of numbers were represented in a few readable graphs. It was my most labor-intensive article, and generated many thoughtful and interesting comments."

155) Alan Brochstein

Chico's FAS: Another Chance to Invest in New Management -- "This article combined several of my skills and interests. What I liked about it was that I got the story right, especially the part about the CEO change. It's really nice when the technicals, fundamentals and valuation all line up."

156) Retired Aviator

The Inflation Hedge Trade: Not Just a Precious Metals vs. Paper Question -- "Exposes the widespread misconception that precious metals are THE logical alternative to cash if worried about runaway inflation. Focuses light on precious metals being in fact bubble priced. Explains why stocks today are a far superior inflation hedge to precious metals!"

157) Tom Henderson

Counterparty Risk And The Subprime Fiasco -- "I warned about the interconnectedness of the financial system and credit derivatives and how the housing market was intertwined."

158) Zach Tripp

Zagg: $1 Billion Market Cap Is Within Reach -- "Shows my estimate for EPS from a previous article was "in the ballpark" and demonstrates a thought out, realistic future share price based on ZAGG's goal of being a $1 Billion market cap company."

159) Takeover Analyst

Proof The Bears Are Wrong About Chesapeake, Natural Gas -- "It was a pleasure to defend one of the most successful CEOs in recent history."

160) Furbonacci

Whole Foods: Prepare For The Pullback -- "It was an in depth piece on a popular holding (NASDAQ:WFM) that not only considered fundamentals but also provided sound technical reasoning."

161) Taylor Anderson

Is Tesla The Next Ford? -- "It was fun to take a an unusual approach to look at an unusual company and an old one."

162) Kim Klaiman

Whatever You Do, Don't Do This Before Apple's Earnings -- "Shows the basics of the strategy I use before earnings."

163) Stockerblog

27 Ways To Buy Facebook Stock Before It Goes Public -- "I wrote it in response to the numerous requests I received from numerous people about how to invest in Facebook."

164) Max Walker

The Real Cost of China's Currency -- "It explains in a brief overview what led up to the financial crisis and bubble from the little examined supply side of global macro policy."

165) John Gordon

2012 Restaurant Space Themes -- "current relevance and topic matter presented"

166) Yale Bock

Starbucks - Understanding The Business Model -- "It was special because many of the ways Starbucks has elected to change their business model are consistent with what I thought at the time. Also, the performance of the stock, at least to this point, does not hurt the cause either. "

167) Valuentum

EDAC Offers Investors Huge Upside, A Potential Double -- "We said this stock would double, and it tripled! Is there another call on SA that can beat this?"

168) David John Marotta

Freedom Investing: 2012 Review -- "The evidence that economic freedom and libertarian ideas make a difference personally in our investment portfolios as well as politically in our country is presented in a powerful way."

169) Sam Subramanian

A Panoply of Free ETFs: Implications for the Industry, Discount Brokers and Investors -- "I presented unique insights on a topic that had already received some coverage. SA Editors rewarded the contribution with an Editors' Pick designation."

170) Veryan Allen

Best Hedge Fund Ever -- "300 years of seeking alpha. Article goes to the core of how those who work hard enough can generate high returns independently of market direction."

171) The PolyCapitalist

Maverick Fed Governor Hoenig: Too Big to Fail Is Alive and Growing -- "This article was more personal that most and also anticipated some of the recent efforts we've seen to combat Too Big to Fail, including the Occupy Movement, Bank Transfer Day, and last week's NY Times resignation letter from a Goldman Sachs VP."

172) Thoughts Worth Thinking

Making Capital Gains, Or Getting 12% Dividends with ING Cumulative Preferred Shares -- "This was an instance where I dug very deep into some really interesting sources, probing into a footnote of a European Commission policy paper on state aid to banks, to uncover a specialized investment opportunity that turned out to be a home run for both capital gains and income. I think it was also particularly gratifying because it was about preferred issues, which don't usually get enough attention. The shares have almost doubled since the article, and have been paying huge dividends all along. "

173) Fredrik Arnold

10 Dogs of the Dow: A 5-Year Back Test -- "The first, the ice-breaker, the proof of the strategy, this article put it all together at the start. Dogs rule!"

174) Matthew Potter

Is ITT's Break Up Going To Plan? -- "I just think this was a good analysis of the situation with this company."

175) Doug Cronk

Institutional Investing For Individual Investors -- "My first on Seeking Alpha."

176) Neoclassical Economist

5 Undervalued REITs Going Straight Up -- "The article identified some of the most undervalued stocks in the REIT space and provided insight into the REIT sector as a whole."

177) Tom Lydon

An ETF Trend-Following Plan For All Seasons -- "Investors need a strategy that is simple and is executed easily. The trend-following plan utilizes the 200-day moving average so investors stay focused on markets and trends, instead of relying on emotional decisions. This article is straight forward and outlines the rules for buying, selling and protecting on the downside."

178) The Patient Investor

How Much Oil Does The U.S. Have In The Ground - What Does It Mean For Investors? -- "This article has about 40,000 views and many comments. Since I wrote this article there are at least 3 studies done by various industry groups that support my estimates of the amount of oil in the ground. Seeking Alpha was the first publish the higher estimate of oil in the ground and coming increased production of oil."

179) Haakon Pedersen

Going Long The World's Third-Largest Aircraft Manufacturer -- "This was one of the first article about Bombardier and it generated some interesting comments from people in the aerospace industry and also revealed reader's concerns about co-operating with Chinese firms on large capital projects."

180) Andrew Shapiro

Activism Adds To The Bottom Line At P&F Industries -- "Where others find the benefits of good corporate governance and shareholder activism intangible. This article details tangible improvements from our activist-induced changes at a P&F Industries (NASDAQ:PFIN), in particular, a newly reduced and reformed CEO compensation agreement."

181) Malay Bansal

An Alternative Jobs Plan -- "I like this article probably the most at this time because it deals with two of the most important issues the economy faces at this time: unemployment and need for investments in infrastructure & clean energy to gain energy independence. The article proposes an idea that can go a long way to help tackle these without increasing taxes or deficit using another issue that is in news and being discussed - tax holiday for repatriation of funds held abroad by US multinationals. If the idea proposed in the article gets wider exposure and support from more people, elected officials may become more open to it."

182) David Pinsen

Hedging A Rally 'Running On Empty' -- "This article deals with an important theme for me: reminding investors to consider hedging when it's relatively inexpensive to do so ("buying umbrellas when it's sunny out"). "

183) Matt Cilderman

Dividend Growth Portfolio Reality Check -- "The article uses the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling to teach lessons about investing. I really enjoyed writing this article because it combines two of my passions: poetry and investing. I feel like the article provides a unique perspective and sharp metaphors in the introduction and conclusion."

184) UltraLong

The End Of Oil's Golden Age -- "My first article that was published by SA made also to Editors' Picks and sparked lively discussion around peak oil."

185) Power Hedge

SeaDrill: Dividend Depends On Company Performance -- "Like many of my articles about SeaDrill, there was a very good discussion to this article. This one also has a timeless quality. Even though it is over a year old, I still see people referring to it when talking about SeaDrill's dividend. This is also something that differentiates it from many other drilling companies."

186) Benjamin Goldman

Netflix's Price Drop Is Precursor - These Companies Could Be Next -- "Was the most popular article on SA at one point and since it was published all 3 stocks I warned readers about are down at least 15 percent while the Nasdaq went up over 15 percent during this time."

187) John Reese

Coca-Cola: A True Buffett Stock -- "I liked this article for a couple reasons. First, it gets at the heart of my investment strategy: using fundamental-focused strategies of history's most successful investors to analyze a stock. Second, it generated some excellent discussion, the type of insightful back-and-forth that makes Seeking Alpha such a valuable tool."

188) Matthew Pixa

March Madness: Final Four Investing Bracket 2012 -- "I enjoyed putting this article together because it's truly unique. It also serves me and my clients as a great exercise in narrowing down investment choices."

189) Ironman

The Effect Of Apple's Dividend Announcement On The Future -- "It clearly demonstrates the influence of changes in the expectations for future dividends per share upon today's stock prices, not to mention the role of investor speculation in anticipating those changes. It's the latest major validation of our theory of how stock prices work. "

190) Denis Ouellet

S&P 500 P/E Ratio at Troughs: A Detailed Analysis of the Past 80 Years -- "In early March 2009, amid heavy doom and gloom, I published an objective, factual analysis demonstrating that equities were absolutely deeply undervalued. The Rule of 20 valuation approach proved again its superiority as an unbiased, facts based, approach to value equity markets. Track record ("

191) William Smead

Asset Allocation, From Nirvana to Nightmare -- "We believe that last May was a ten year peak in the popularity of wide asset allocation. Therefore, our July piece from Nirvana to Nightmare is a guideline to the future, in our opinion!"

192) SL Advisors

Ford's Novel Way Of Paying Pensions -- "I thought Ford revealed an unconventional approach to funding their pension liability, and was able to explain it in terms that appeared to resonate with people."

193) David Crosetti

10 Commandments for Dividend Growth Investors -- "This was my first article and it generated the most page hits of any article I've written. It is basic, to the point, and the guide for every DG investor."

194) Adam Alvarez

Identifying Possible Chinese Takeovers And Mergers -- "It was the first article I wrote that surpassed 10,000 page views."

195) Chris Katje

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is - Stocks I Own In My Portfolio -- "This is my favorite article as I felt like I had silenced some of my critics. Seeking Alpha authors are mainly part timers and have limited money to invest so occasionally articles will be about stocks they don't own."

196) Sunil Shah

A Sneak Peek At The (Ugly) End Of The Story -- "Prosaic, imaginative and ponders the unknown"

197) Doug K. Le Du

New Preferred Stocks: How To Buy Shares For A Discount Below Par -- "In the event that the issuing company of a preferred stocks 'calls' the shares, shareholders will receive the par value (usually $25 per share) in cash from the issuing company. Therefore, preferred stock investors are always seeking to buy shares for a market price less than par. Doing so positions them for a downstream capital gain in the event of a call and helps protect their principal. When prices are relatively high (now) purchasing shares below par can become difficult, leaving many preferred stock investors exposed to a capital loss if they purchase shares above par. This article explains a little-known technique that preferred stock investors can use to purchase newly issued preferred stocks below par, even during a period of high prices."

198) Tim Ayles

Debunking Myths Of A U.S. Monetary Collapse -- "Understanding this concept helped me see that everything I thought about before was wrong in regards to the U.S. I wondered why we didn't fall apart as so many had predicted after 2008's perfect storm. Fear and angst of impending doom are now gone."

199) John D. Thomason

Dividend Stocks: 'You Are What Your Record Says You Are' -- "I believed that I presented some useful information and perspective on the topic in an entertaining way. While I did not receive as many comments as some of my other articles, those that I did receive were very complimentary. I was hoping Coach Parcells would comment, but I guess he is not a reader of Seeking Alpha. "

200) Maurice Chia

Actively Passive Asset Allocation -- "It was my first article for Seeking Alpha and an Editors' Pick. The article has set the tone for all the other articles that I have written since."

201) David Trainer

Citigroup: The Earnings Bubble May Be Ready to Pop -- "Nice combination of financial insight and market timing. A very good call on a well-known stock."

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