Verizon: An Opportunity Too Good To Miss

Dec. 08, 2022 8:08 AM ETVerizon Communications Inc. (VZ)54 Comments
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  • Macroeconomic pressures, rising interest rates, and soft operational results put pressure on the stock into a 12-year low. But the question is whether VZ's fundamentals are significantly worse than before.
  • While VZ lost Consumer postpaid phone subs for three consecutive quarters, the trend could change as the company had introduced an entry-level plan and offered promotions during the shopping season.
  • Still, despite intense competition in mobile wireless industry, the growth story from FWA services and the enterprise market remains. The C-band spectrum could provide an advantage in rural areas.
  • Furthermore, we like VZ's ability to generate cash flows consistently, the company's higher-than-peers ROE, and its attractive valuation.
  • However, VZ will likely have to refinance its debt with higher rates. The company has to pay $15 billion of maturing debt, spend $20 billion CapEx, and distribute $10 billion in dividends next year.

Verizon Building at 375 Pearl Street. Verizon is in a race to bring 5G cellular networks to market VII


Verizon’s (NYSE:VZ) stock fell to $37 per share, a 12-year low, from its high of $60 per share in just two years. Nevertheless, as a sell-off often comes with an attractive buying opportunity, is VZ a BUY now?

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Stock price change (%)

Stock price change (%) (Vektor Research, Yahoo Finance)

Postpaid phone churn rate (%)

Postpaid phone churn rate (%) (Companies)

VZ's postpaid phone churn rate (%)

VZ's postpaid phone churn rate (%) (Company)

Postpaid phone net adds (thousand)

Postpaid phone net adds (thousand) (Companies)

FWA net adds

FWA net adds (Companies)

Spectral efficiency forecast with C-band

Spectral efficiency forecast with C-band (Company)

Data by YCharts
Consensus EPS revenue trend

Consensus EPS revenue trend (Seeking Alpha)

VZ's FCF and cash flow margins

VZ's FCF and cash flow margins (Company)

VZ's CapEx outlook

VZ's CapEx outlook (Company)

VZ's debt maturities in 4Q21

VZ's debt maturities in 4Q21 (Company)

Data by YCharts

Data by YCharts

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