Amazon Growing Moat Via Prime Advancements

Dec. 17, 2022 11:19 PM, Inc. (AMZN)26 Comments
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  • Amazon Prime has essentially set the industry standard for customer service and has raised the bar for shipping and delivery services.
  • The introduction of ‘Buy with Prime’ essentially eliminates the need to list products on the Amazon marketplace to benefit from industry-leading fulfillment capabilities and access loyal Prime members.
  • Amazon has wisely expanded Prime membership benefits beyond offering fast and free delivery to shoppers; Prime members have various other reasons to visit
  • Persistently enhancing Prime benefits to embolden the Prime network effect is indeed capital intensive, hence, compressing profit margins.
  • Amazon’s Prime service relies on a strenuous fulfillment & logistics labor force that continues to be the source of legal troubles amid unethical business practices.

Amazon fulfillment center building in Las Vegas

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Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) position on top of the e-commerce industry is underpinned by its self-reinforcing network effect from Amazon Prime. For over a decade, Amazon has been consistently advancing the appeal of the Prime subscription service, attracting

Streaming content expenditure 2022

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Amazon operating margin

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