Seeking Alpha 1,000,000: The Greatest Hits, Editorial Edition

by: SA Editors

To mark the significant milestone of registering our 1,000,000th user here at Seeking Alpha, we decided to go behind the scenes and ask members of our Opinion & Analysis editorial team to reflect on their favorite Seeking Alpha articles. More intimate with our content than anyone in the world, the articles our team selected span 6 years and run the full range of content available on Seeking Alpha. So without further ado, Seeking Alpha's Editorial Team sounds off on its favorite pieces:

Steve Brown, Opinion & Analysis Editor

I like this one because I'm a baseball fan, a fan of the movie and I appreciated how the author took something topical, applied it to the markets and broke it down so even a novice investor could understand it.

It illustrated how realpolitik affects the oil markets and provides a great macro-perspective on how it ripples out to affect all markets/economies.

Abby Estikangi-Carmel, Senior Editor

This excellent analysis also proved to be a perfectly timed call (stock dropped steeply - 36% - next day), one of the best calls ever for SA.

I'd like to single out a contributor, not a specific post: Greg Newton (AKA Naked Shorts), veteran SA contributor (2005-2009) who passed away prematurely. A few examples of his to-the-point, often witty/caustic commentary:

He mostly zeroed in on hedge funds, financials, ETFs in a very timely way - yet some of his comments are still very pertinent for today.

Swapnil Edwards, Opinion & Analysis Editor

I found the article an incisive read, largely since most people years away from retirement (in their 20s, 30s), seldom think about their twilight years and how the smart thing to do would be to start stashing away, right away. In the process, they often forget about the power of compounding and what it can do to build a relatively large and safe nest-egg for their sunset years. The 10 lies makes for an interesting, inter-personal read. Also, the stock picks offer a diverse choice. I'd love to see more articles like this that seek to introduce a warm, personal touch to the hard ramifications of cold cash in SA's stock-market driven universe.

Sarit Gelberg, Opinion & Analysis Editor

2 articles that stand out from way back in 2008 include:

This article is very representative of the depths of the 2008 crisis, not to mention the clever title.

Another gem that gives a thorough overview and insight into the Madoff ponzi scheme and its painful implications, emphasizing the pessimism of that period. Not sure if it was the first article to cover the Madoff topic on SA, but it certainly garnered a fair number of comments.

Michael Hopkins, Senior Editor Opinion & Analysis

Late Friday, Aug. 5, when the U.S. downgrade took place, I was introduced to James A. Kostohryz. Of all of the commentary we received on the downgrade, his article stood out from the others. It was a unique angle on the big news that evening. He had the following on the downgrade that evening (early Saturday):

There were also these articles from James:

Rocco Pendola in April on NFLX prospects.

It may not be one of the first articles questioning the future of Netflix and the challenges the company faces, but this one still generates attention today, some from other contributors referring to the story.

Also, this stuff from Whitney Tilson ... it was a big deal when it happened:

Eric Parnell in January on market prospects.

Gary Gordon on ETF possibilities:

Yosef Levenstein, Director of Contributor Success:

This article was the first article that made me realize the extremely high value product we offer. It also brought a stock I had never heard of to the forefront of my investment universe as a dividend/energy play.

Jonathan Liss, Managing Editor, ETF & Portfolio Strategy

This article appeared a mere 20 days after I began working at Seeking Alpha, some nearly 6 years ago. It immediately convinced me that this wasn't my 'grandfather's' investing website. Cramer may have been the biggest name in pop finance at the time but that didn't stop an irreverent Nick Mulcahy from laying out for all to see the poor 2-week performance of individual investors that were unfortunate enough to take Jim's advice the day after one of his shows.

This great piece of investigative reporting immediately struck me as the quintessential SA article. Original in its assertions, the piece makes clear why a new popular ETF was being misunderstood by the investing public. But the author didn't trust his own research - he contacted the issuer with his claims only to have them verified beyond a doubt. Without this article, many investors may have waltzed blindly into a position in AMLP. It just goes to show why SA is essential reading for any intelligent investor.

George Moriarty, Managing Editor, Opinion & Analysis

This article underscored for me the depth and scope of the Seeking Alpha community. Igor’s clearly articulated argument spawned more than 100 comments that went across days. Furthermore, the quality of the commentary between the readers and authors impressed me greatly.

Rena Sherbill, Pipeline Manager

Prescient, well written analysis that combines current events and a historical perspective to form a topical, engaging narrative.

Cogent reasoning that still seems timely.

Judy Weil, Editor

I have always been a really big fan of Roger Nusbaum's. There's a consistent theme that runs throughout his writings that I think is really a great philosophy for life, and not just for investing. Roger always talks about taking the emotion out of your decisions. He says you should make a plan and stick with it. When fear takes over in the markets, you are then prepared. When euphoria takes over, you are prepared as well.

He has been saying this for years. I remember first reading about it in 2005 in this article: Managing Short-Term Emotion- Parts I and II. This was even before I came to work at Seeking Alpha, and it was one of the articles that drew me to the site.

A thoughtful, well-articulated concept that resonated with me at the time- but not for investing! Actually, I thought it was something to extrapolate for raising children. Obviously you have emotion when you are dealing with your children- you love them! But when making child-rearing decisions, taking the emotion out of a decision or my reaction is a good way to go about it and it has worked well for me (when I am able to apply it...).

Roger wrote about this idea again in Stay Calm And Rational During This Sell-Off, which he wrote in 2007, and here's another one from 2008 (Act Defensively, But Not From Fear). But these are just some of the many articles he has written on SA over the years in which he preaches the same concept: Act rationally and plan ahead.

I came to work at Seeking Alpha in 2006, and have had a front seat view of what feels like one of the most volatile periods in the U.S. financial market's history. No way to look back and see what should have/could have/would have been done, and anecdotally it seems that many retail investors have abandoned the stock market because they have been burned. But using Roger's philosophy for both up and down markets still seems like a good one. I think it can help current investors achieve their ultimate goal- to build something for their future.

Abbi Adest, Opinion & Analysis Editor

Mary Hunt, Senior Editor, Opinion & Analysis

Michael Lipkin, Opinion & Analysis Editor