Lamar Advertising: The Signs Are Positive

Feb. 02, 2023 9:30 AM ETLamar Advertising Company (LAMR)VNQ5 Comments


  • REITs are off to a good start this year, and Billboard REITs are doing even better.
  • Shares in Lamar Advertising have climbed 28% since October 13.
  • This article examines growth, balance sheet, dividend, and valuation metrics for this large-cap REIT.
  • This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Hoya Capital Income Builder. Learn More »

Blank white advertising billboard near residential buildings in the city on a sunny summer day.

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REITs are off to a good start this year, and Billboard REITs are doing even better, posting a gain of nearly 11%, compared to the Equity REIT index gain of about 9%.

List of 18 REIT sectors, showing Hotels, Industrials, and Healthcare REITs leading the way, with Manufactured Home, Casinos, and Cannabis bringing up the rear, but all 18 sectors in positive territory year-to-date

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company logo

Lamar Advertising

map of U.S., showing 23 states where Lamar does interstate logos. None of the west coast or upper east coast are included, and neither are Texas or Arizona

Lamar Advertising website

table of figures as described in text

Lamar Advertising lease liabilities (Company 10-Q for Q3 2022)

table of figures as described in text

Lamar Advertising revenue by segment (Company 10-Q for Q3 2022)

table of figures as described in text

Lamar Advertising debt structure (Company 10-Q for Q3 2022)

Factor grades for LAMR: Valuation B-, Growth B, Profitability B+, Momentum A-, Revisions A-

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