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Stocks To Watch: Inflation Data, Bank Earnings On Deck

Apr. 08, 2023 10:00 AM ETJPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), WFC, C, DAL, ACI, KR, KMX, UNH, TLRY, GBX, TLRY:CAGNS8 Comments
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The week begins slowly with many markets across the world observing the Easter Monday holiday. However, the quiet start serves as a calm before the storm as not only key CPI and PPI prints are due in mid-week, but a host of key earnings reports. Namely, a host of big banks, including JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), and Citi (NYSE:C) are due to report quarterly results for the first time since the financial sector was hit by the biggest banking crisis since the Great Recession. Seeking Alpha contributors Logan Kane and Jonathan Weber voiced the belief that JPMorgan (JPM) is a Buy, with Weber advising that the outlook for the big bank remains compelling amidst the sector's turmoil. As bank earnings season progresses, smaller banks like PacWest Bancorp (PACW), First Republic Bank (FRC), and Western Alliance Bank (WAL) were rated Sells by Kane.

Ahead of Friday's focus on financials, the earnings slate is somewhat thin, with supermarket chain Albertsons Companies (NYSE:ACI) and Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) headlining a sparsely populated calendar. Instead, the focus will surely be on macro data, with not only the highly-anticipated CPI print due on Wednesday, but a host of reports from the energy sector that was recently roiled by a surprise production cut signaled by OPEC. The cartel will release its monthly oil market report in mid-week, following the US Energy Information Administration's publication of a short-term energy

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Comments (8)

BAHAMAS1 profile picture
Quant ratings...who makes these ratings ?
The US $ is about to make a big move and "CYCLE DOWN" in a huge way, as the fiat $ is being thrown to the curb by many countries and more will follow as most countries like the BRICS and throughout the global community continue to prepare the the transition to the "Gold Standard" and all currencies will be Gold backed when all come to fruition throughout.
The precious metals Gold & Silver will continue climbing higher in price per oz. as they've been climbing higher the past two weeks and more new highs are anticipated by myself and others paying attention to the current financial banking system crisis that has been ongoing. Avoid the fiat US $ and Worldwide banking Ponzi scheme, as the exposures will keep coming forth concerning their misdeeds of corruptions, as they're being dismantled as I type and many will eventually follow SVB into bankruptcy.
The economies throughout will continue to flounder going forth, as the inflationary prices will continue to cause pain for many throughout. Recession is here and depression is a high possibility as inflation will likely turn into that nasty word hyperinflation as we move forward through 2023.
The housing market bubble is going burst in a big massive collapse, as the past two years of inflating prices comes to and end, the party's over.
The geopolitical events should have everyone's attention going forth, as many leadership changes are starting to materialize before all to see and witness, all one has to do is watch and observe the events happening in many countries throughout the global community. Think E. Macron of France and then the snowball effect will roll over towards other countries governments in distress currently, as other leaders step down or forced out by the citizens unhaoppy with current leaderships.
Buckle up buttercups as it's going to get really crazy going forth through 2023.
Just my thoughts & opinions.

Q 17
Thanks for the great reading.
Get the parade starting....Earnings season again....get ready for sink or swim this time!!!
Marrk profile picture
PARA has got amazing content. I'm waiting for it to break out.

Long & Overweight PARA
wiredlitigator profile picture
The dichotomy between regional / small banks and big banks is interesting. Says that the bigger they are the less likely we let them fail. Looking at US Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. Possibly C. Buying before earnings!
Avoid banking and financial stocks, as the banking and financial crisis exposures of many, and more misdeeds, tax frauds, $ laundering's and other crimes of corruption that'll be coming forth.
The CB's, Big Banks, Regional Banks and bigger Institutional Corporations will all be making headline news as the 'whistleblower's' come forward exposing the evidence of such crimes, watch and observe.
Just my thoughts & opinions.

Q 17
James 62 profile picture
Thank you for the good info.
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