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Visa Inc. (V) SVB MoffettNathanson's Inaugural Technology, Media and Telecom Conference (Transcript)

May 16, 2023 4:35 PM ETVisa Inc. (V)3 Comments
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Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) SVB MoffettNathanson's Inaugural Technology, Media and Telecom Conference May 16, 2023 1:00 PM ET

Company Participant

Oliver Jenkyn - Tipping Point Community and Group President-Global Markets

Conference Call Participants

Lisa Ellis - SVB MoffettNathanson

Lisa Ellis

All right. Welcome back, everyone, trickling in from lunch. Thanks for joining us for our 1:00 PM session. I am very delighted to get to host for the first time actually Oliver Jenkyn, Group President at Visa.

Oliver Jenkyn

It's nice to meet you.

Lisa Ellis

Thanks for being here.

Oliver Jenkyn

My pleasure.

Lisa Ellis

So, before I jump in, a reminder. Everyone, we're very high tech this year. It is a tech conference. If you would like to ask question of Oliver, scan the QR code that's on the screen up there and it will pop up on the screen next to me. It works very well, actually. I had that in a number of sessions so far and I'll be able to pepper those in. And yeah, and we'll jump in.

Okay. And so you can ask, you've got Oliver on the hot seat, you can ask him whatever you would like. All right. So you have been with Visa for the last 15 years. Can you just give us a quick overview of your current role in sort of history with Visa as you may be a little less familiar to the investor community?

Oliver Jenkyn

Sure. So, I'm Group President at Visa, responsible for Global Markets. So that's the teams that are responsible for the 200-plus countries and territories in which we operate in around the world.

So, as you probably know, Visa operates around five regions: so North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, is the fifth. There's a Regional President that sits on top of each of those

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Comments (3)

ggman profile picture
I wouldnt wonder if he becomes Future ceo
Yuval Rotem profile picture
One of the best talks with an executive I've read lately.
ChuckXX profile picture
THANK YOU to Seeking Alpha for printing this. I found it very interesting.
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