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Ford: I Love The Boring 5.2% Yield

May 24, 2023 3:26 AM ETFord Motor Company (F)41 Comments
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The Asian Investor


  • Ford continues to have broad momentum in the EV category, even if April EV sales declined in April.
  • Inflation is easing, taking pressure off of Ford’s EBIT margins. I see potential for Ford to increase its EBIT outlook if cost inflation subsides.
  • Ford confirmed its outlook for FY 2023 and the dividend should prove to be safe.

Ford Announces Plans For New Electric-Vehicle Battery Plant

Bill Pugliano

Investors have been forced to deal with a significant increase in market volatility ever since a new crisis developed in the U.S. financial system in March. Debt ceiling negotiations are also creating additional uncertainty. However, I believe that Ford (

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I look for high-risk, high-reward situations. Five largest portfolio holdings: Bitcoin, SoFi, Alibaba, PayPal, Western Alliance. Early buyer of cryptocurrencies. I live in Thailand :)

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Comments (41)

Chartmaven profile picture
F chart is scary bad..today's rally buys some time..how much nobody knows.
You have a bearish pennant forming on the Weekly and a break through $11 area projects a move to $7.50 area....
RickJensen profile picture
Yes, and a double flying Wallenda is forming.
The problem with technicals, is they are useless if they fundamentals change. And F's fundamentals, have changed.
Charting only shows you where you have been, not necessarily where you are going. (Rearview mirror driving)
Just waiting to get the last laugh :D. long F
Steve Funk profile picture
"investors can likely expect the company to keep paying a stable dividend even during times of increasing volatility."
Could not disagree more. Check out the Ford dividend history;

It is anything but consistent. And F always cuts dividends quickly in a recession. Except the family F.PRB shares, which have a very solid dividend at about 7% by my calculations. Something about the family voting a better deal than the common shareholders always keeps me from buying F.
RickJensen profile picture
@Steve Funk
Any recent loss of the divi, has more than been made up.
Go back 10 years, there was a divi.
Ford and GM will go the way of Chrysler or American Motors in the foreseeable future. The American auto industry has given ample proof over the last 50 years or so years, that it is unable to compete with Asian auto makers as the Koreans and Japanese have incrementally and systematically taken market share by producing superior cars at a better price. An apparently unstoppable progression for the domestic companies. The domestic auto producers are no longer even auto producers because the Asians and Germans took so much of the auto market that there wasn't enough left for the domestics to make them economically viable when the market turned from autos to SUV's and trucks. Tellingly, the German and Asian auto companies are still in the US auto market so apparently, they can still make a profit in a market segment that the domestics had to abandon to concentrate their much-diminished resources in the SUV, truck and electric vehicle segments. The foreign companies are now dominating the domestic companies in the SUV market-as shown by the perennial top sellers-Honda and Toyota (sound familiar), recently joined by Hyundai-and it appears they are racing ahead in the development of EV's. Trucks are all that is left to the formerly mighty American auto industry but, if history is any guide, for how long. And this is not even considering the Chinese who are about to enter the US market with their far more advanced development of EV's: the cars of the future. You would hope the US would have learned its lesson with its open-door policy to the Japanese and Korean auto industry, but I doubt it.
@MRTMG I agree with you…
@MRTMG Not so true anymore. I'm a Japanese car buyer, always, but the value isn't there, especially at the rates they want vs Ford or GM. Value on vehicles like Maverick or Trax is superior. Not saying they will hold up like a Toyota or Honda but just that they are starting to offer really compelling products.
Tdot profile picture
Toyota and Honda take the conservative approach, slow evolution of the product, nothing too radical too fast, and introducing new features only when tested to death to make sure there are no defects. It is a maturity level that lends itself to long term reliability.

Ford and GM and other automakers tend to introduce new things rapidly to try to be "first to market" with innovations, but that lends itself to rushed development, rushed testing, rushed supplier selection and last minute churn that tends to produce more defects.
Do Ford vehicles besides the F-150 have the same appeal as most Japanese and Korean vehicles? While growing up Ford was the "blue collar" go to car.
Mercury's name plate circumvented that label to some point. Lincoln does that well. Can Ford survive the EV onslaught?
RickJensen profile picture
F IS the EV onslaught.
vooch profile picture
I love Ford's SaaS product line. Thats where the money tree has been planted.
@vooch Their BlueCruise self-driving is much better than our tesla's. Eventually the residual rev from those who want that feature will be over $1k/yr. Free $ to F.
vooch profile picture

Indeed anyone who followed Argo AI concluded that Ford's lvl 3 (and even lvl 4) would be a superior solution. I really liked Argo AI's method of having the AI 'learn' the different driving cultures in various cities.
RickJensen profile picture
Wait till they up pay payout ratio from 30 up to close to 50%.
Then you are really going to love it.
hawkeyec profile picture
Stock yields about average but the bonds are better and less risky. I have the 8.9% bonds due in six years, currently yielding 8%. Bonds make promises, stocks do not.
Not so boring if your cost basis is much higher than what its trading at now.
Is this an article like those on baba?
To the poster, Ford’s 5.2% yield is in direct correlation to its 35% drop in share value from its all time high. Its share value has tanked due to being known as the “ King” of recalls, who by the way cannot fix anything they recall. A horribly run company abusing the people who actually bought their vehicles. So their venture into EV’s is not something you’ll see people explore for future purchases. Whatever entity is supposed to be our watchdog is a prime candidate to be cut in the current budget negotiations.
Ford in the last 12 months stock price dropped $2.00
$.15 dividend 4x = .60; not a great deal
Ford is becoming a master how to drive customers away.
@bassimmichael You need to add an additional .65 cent dividend to your total for $ 1.25. Most if not all of our auto stocks are not doing well over this 12 month period so the $ 1.25 over 36 cents for my GM stock is appreciated.
pftthree profile picture
It's not fair to compare F to a treasury note. LOL, like that is going to mushroom into a profit generator while your back is turned. This company has incredible potential.
Buy a 5% two year treasury which is much safer and see what happens over the next two year... Stock is down ~14% over the last 6 months with a ho-hum future. Biden and the greenies are fizzling out with a new administration on the horizon as the laws of economics take over and government subsidies go away... Break, break the country is broke. ICE is not headed to the scrap heap. Just planted 1000 acres all with ICE and diesel .... Long live cheap reliable energy ... Enjoy your meal
@NavyGuy1981 BINGO !

Who is going to buy Ford or any other manufacturers EV ... darn sure won't be this unproductive, uninspired generation living in Mom's basement. ' WouldWorkers ... would work, but not inclined to, digs into my nap time '

600 - 300 BC

The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise. …

Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters.
@NavyGuy1981 I wish I could lend you my Lightening for a few days. It can't do everything, but it does a lot. Better snow/mud performance than any of the dozen pickups I've owned. (Still keep my Tundra for hauling long-distance & gooseneck; and keep the Tacoma for wood & dump runs.)

It's a workhorse that has left every truck-owner who's driven it in awe of its ride and jaw dropping acceleration. I generate all my electrons so fuel savings isn't a big deal to me, but this truck has zero scheduled maintenance and vastly fewer moving parts. Huge savings there. The biggest change is being able to toss my generator. There's 4 120v outlets in the frunk and 3 in the bed + a 220v outlet there as well.

I have the max tow pkg and it hauls three horses well in my bumper pull. But not very far -- 120-150mi max. It gets regular over the air software updates that add new functionality & efficiency. It a better truck that is was 5k mi ago.
I agree that Ford’s dividend is boring. No growth, there are CD’s that now pay as much, and F’s price seems unlikely to appreciate much. Maybe more special dividends if you’re lucky.
matttrakker profile picture
Um maybe, but you could just buy oil or tobacco and do the same thing? MO 8%, PDX I think was 6%.
Granted nice to get a 5% plus yield and if I recall correctly there was a special dividend back in March. However Ford, in my opinion, will be a sucessful investment only if it appreciates in price (substantially) as it transitions to the EV market. Its price of $6.00 to $15.00 a share basically is not a return on investment even with a decent dividend. I hope to see Ford over $30 and rising in 2025 and beyond. Currently I relate Ford to "T".
@Jry295 over 30? I see ford plus Volkswagen and Porsche very very low and don’t seem to react. Do u think ford could explode to 30?
RickJensen profile picture
30 by 2025, is an almost certainty, IF, people value the company correctly. It's entirely possible that F makes more revenue off of subscriptions and services than it does off of auto sales.
@Silvio spicacci minervini Once the EV market really opens up in the U.S. I think F will hit $30 and more. Question becomes when? I’m thinking at least 2 more years.
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