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AT&T: Further Correction Likely Due To Multiple Headwinds

May 30, 2023 10:19 AM ETAT&T Inc. (T)WBD31 Comments
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  • AT&T's stock has declined by over 20% since mid-April, reducing its PE ratio and increasing its dividend yield.
  • The company faces challenges in paying its massive debt and maintaining its dividend payout due to competitive pressures and capital investments.
  • Despite a high dividend yield, AT&T is not an ideal value play due to the massive challenges it faces in debt reduction, stabilizing free cash flow, and improving network coverage.
  • Any dip in the expected FCF will hurt the dividend payout ratio and could lead to another cut in the dividend, which is now giving a 7.2% dividend yield.

AT&T Stock Jumps On Strong Earnings Report

Brandon Bell

AT&T (NYSE:T) stock has declined by over 20% since mid-April. This has reduced PE ratio to less than 7 and increased the dividend yield from 5.5% to 7.2%. In a previous article in March 2022, it was

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I have worked in the technology sector for over 4 years. This included working with industry stalwarts like IBM. I have done my MBA in finance and have been covering various blue chip stocks for the past 6 years. Having hands-on knowledge in the technology sector has helped me gain valuable insights into the ups and downs of this sector and predict winners and losers more accurately.

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Comments (31)

As a deep value dividend investor I continue to focus on safe high yield dividend payers selling far below their true intrinsic value. I don’t do what novice investors and speculators do buying bitcoin SPAC’s and overpriced tech stocks. It’s all about a safe rising dividend. Capital gains will eventually follow. That’s one of the mystery’s of our business. Both T and VZ fit the bill. They are on sale. They are not likely to cut the dividend and sooner or later Mr Market will raise the price.
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'headwinds' same term Jeff Immdumb used to use to explain GE stock price always heading south..their debt nearly caused them to go BK- twice.. AT&T pprob will need to cut dividend in half...use the cash flow to extinguish debt..

competition is gonna hurt T's mobile business..I use Spectrum.. just as good, 1/3 as expensive as AT&T..
Z Hu profile picture
@falconetti aanthony the author has stated 8B of the total 16B cash flow is directed at dividends. As long as T can balance their budget, they would not need to cut dividend. More likely, T would simply slow down the rate of their dividend increases and hold steady, to decrease their dividend payout ratio going forward to maintain their status as a dividend aristocrat.
Excellent data and commentary.
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If T goes under, who gets paid first, the creditors or shareholders?
“AT&T's market cap is close to $110 billion while its enterprise value is at $250 billion. Every 1 percent move in the enterprise value leads to 2.3% percent move in the stock price.”
@Bluesea Research

The ATT EV is indeed 2.3x its Market Cap, but is there a fixed correlation between the two? I don’t think so…

ATT could borrow more, or pay down more, and shift the EV… and the stock price moves daily changing the Market Cap. I don’t see that the multiple of one to the other leads to a fixed change as you have implied.
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any company , no matter how great they appear to be , with as much debt as $143 billion is waving a huge big red flag for investors , it just takes one wrong management move and all of the cards come tumbling down
@jesjessie this is my entire problem with this company
Wireless loss from Dish and satellite service is coming. No pricing power. Stankey needs a pay cut!
@San Marzano T is Dish's partner. They pay T to use their 5G network. If Dish takes off, T Benefits as well.
The dividend will have to be cut again in the next 5 years.
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My ongoing bet has been that AT&T management would not cut the dividend again except in the event of highly unlikely challenges. Now, I would change those two words to "improbable" or "not likely challenges," suggesting that risk may have increased somewhat.
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When they start to implement Stankey's new RTO policy there will be chaos internally as people leave the company
@Mscape People leaving the company will be share price friendly.
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I just can't imagine business getting so bad the div would be cut. The wheels would have to completely come off, which wont happen to this massive, systemically important company. At a 7.16% yield the stock doesn't have to do much to match the market.
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I've been holding off buying more $T. I'd consider buying more under $13, assuming FCF holds up for the year. But I don't think FCF will meet company targets.
@Code Talker Market Analysis If $T goes under $13, we’re in a deep recession and all your stocks are suffering.
Z Hu profile picture
@Code Talker Market Analysis Personally, I have a limit order in place at 15 and will begin accumulating.
In this 'analysis,' there is no mention of the extraordinary success of the AT&T fiber-to-home/business expansion, disproving the contention that AT&T lacks revenue growth. AT&T's penetration rate for fiber-to-the-home subscribers is DOUBLE what they initially projected. AT&T will complete 30 million fiber homes/businesses passed by the end of 2025. The $16 Billion FCF number for 2023 is already in the bank, yet this analysis chooses to ignore a fundamental growth driver with its fiber expansion - Why?
@minnehot T is doing a great job expanding fiber and this indeed should be their primary growth strategy. However profits aren't a slam dunk as fiber typically needs 30% uptake of homes passed to profit, possibly higher now that rollout costs have gone up. T is getting low 30s, which is fine for now but with increasing competition including CableCos upgrading to multigig at 1/5th the cost, cable will be better positioned to compete on price when they are pressed to. FWA/5G Home Internet from VZ/TMUS isn't a direct threat to fiber but all it takes is 5% uptake to disrupt fiber profits in a given area. Plus there are more smaller fiber overbuilders. Even so fiber is T's best bet, however ROI could take a lot longer.
Backwards looking article.
Reading this, I know you never looked at the debt maturity profile investors.att.com/... . If AT&T can manage >$2 fcf a share coming years everything is manageble and debt is reduced to healthy debt/ebitda levels, investors get their divi and multiple expansion can occur before the next big(ger) capex cycle starts.

>$2 FCF a share should be manageble and if so, at&t trades far below fair value. If 2$ FCF isn't reached then this is not a big problem looking at the maturity profile, but it will be harder to maintain things. Not meaning a divi cut per se.
@Mylett Little addition about former FCF www.macrotrends.net/...

Looking historical ex wbd $2 should be manageble for the no sayers. Big capex cycles always was part of this business and always will be.
@Mylett just so much debt to consider
csparksrmc profile picture
T is a slowly sinking ship. Terrible management, and on steady decline in the years I've thrown money into this loser.
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Does this stock have to go to zero before Stankey & the Board are run out of town?
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Oh good, another negative article on T.
And what if Stanky is not lying... $16 bln free cash flow..
@Mike Stayley Management knows more than the rest of us!
How is ATT attracting such large amounts of new wireless clients if their 5g network is so behind Tmobile..??
@Mike Stayley T is nearly comparable to TMUS in low band 5G coverage but not as high performing. T is behind both TMUS and VZ with high performing midband 5G, which is especially more useful with 5G Home Internet, which T doesn't play very strongly in. Perception wise T apparently doesn't have complaints about 5G.
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