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Apple Hits All-Time High As VR Glasses Are Announced At WWDC

Jun. 05, 2023 4:06 PM ETApple Inc. (AAPL)AVGO, BRK.A, BRK.B, INTC, META, TSM31 Comments


  • Apple shares hit an all-time high at $185 during the WWDC event, with a valuation of $2.9 trillion.
  • WWDC showcased new products such as the MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen, Game Mode for Macs, and the mixed-reality headset Apple Vision Pro.
  • Despite being a high-quality company, AAPL stock's current valuation of 30x net profits may be too high for investment at its current price.
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Apple Holds Launch Event For New Products At Its Headquarters

Justin Sullivan

Article Thesis

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been an excellent performer in recent months, and shares hit a new all-time high on Monday, the beginning of its 5-day-long WWDC event. WWDC showcased some solid updates and products so far, but nothing seems game-changing. Overall, AAPL

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He is a contributing author for the investing group Learn more.

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Comments (31)

kimboslice profile picture
Although I won't buy one, I see the logic in this.
Apple has the money to try new, interesting and cutting edge things.
It doesn't matter if it becomes popular now or later, or never.
Apple has put vast computing power into the device with their own chips; this is key to its usefulness.
Someday it will become more compact, more capable, and less expensive.
What I am hoping is that Apple doesn't waste money getting into the lousy car business.
"Apple products aren't expensive; they just cost more than some people can afford."
kimboslice profile picture
@kimboslice The original Macintosh 128K cost $7,000 in today's dollars.
davel profile picture
I see the logic in this.
Apple has the money to try new, interesting and cutting edge things.
It doesn't matter if it becomes popular now or later, or never.

I don’t think Apple puts out device just because. They did this because they see an unfulfilled need and want to itch it.

I agree it will take some years before Vision Pro or it’s successor hits its stride, but the demo showed a very well thought out device.
davel profile picture
First, economic conditions have worsened, and we could enter a recession in the coming quarters.
This is a risk as central banks are focused on inflation and yet in America the labor market continues to be strong
This is a consumer led market. If you have a job you should be ok

Eventually the money guys will figure out what they want. The economy will balance and if the labor market stays strong ( with healthy profits do you want to get rid of workers ?) the economy will March on
nealyohara profile picture
YouTuber Marques Brownlee got to try the Vision Pro and shares his insights:
Call me crazy...but today Tim Cook validated Mark Zuckerberg's vision.
@coolcatnip - The meta verse? No one even understands what he meant.
davel profile picture
He doesn’t understand what he meant. They did an hour long promo and no one has a clear understanding of what it is? A good elevator pitch should tell you in 1 minute. Yes. It’s virtual and animated, but beyond that it is whatever you want it to be or not.
@davel - Apple defined "spatial computing" for us in the first 2 sentences of the official press release. I wasn't talking about that.

"Apple today unveiled Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, while allowing users to stay present and connected to others. Vision Pro creates an infinite canvas for apps that scales beyond the boundaries of a traditional display and introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice."


Zuck I think was trying to describe a new vision for social media, which in description goes well beyond Apple's definition of SC. So it is weirdly if necessarily abstract, at least in part, and that was always the problem. I was never sure what they meant by the term. I'm not sure they were. I suspect the term 'metaverse' won't stick as the term for this new form of computing.
Franz-Joachim Kauffels profile picture
Very good article ! I 100% share the opinion that 140 would be a good entry point. Thank You very much and all the best :-))
Jonathan Weber profile picture
@Franz-Joachim Kauffels thanks! Glad you like it, and all the best
SEC Investigator2 profile picture
This article obviously written before Apple dropped faster than a 2-ton anchor once the price of these goggles leaked. Went from $184.95 to $178.04 in minutes.
kimboslice profile picture
@SEC Investigator2 more like a 10 pound anchor.
It's funny because this is gonna be a huge flop.
bart_sst profile picture
@OptoMistic21 : "this is gonna be a huge flop"

Yep, just like the iPhone and Apple Watch. Total flops.
@bart_sst So you own an Occulus Rift? No? No one does. Like NFTs and crypto and the Metaverse, no one cares enough about AR and VR for it to be a moneymaker.
bart_sst profile picture
@OptoMistic21 : "So you own an Occulus Rift?"

That product is in no way comparable to Apple's Vision Pro. Watch the presentation.

Not sure what AI, VR, IR and all the other acronym’s are, but I know it will lead to the next great product and Apple will be at the leader.
StormanNorman profile picture
I am a long time holder. I would still initiate a position on any weakness or general summer malaise.

What I saw today is truly amazing and I am not easily impressed . A first iteration of Vision Pro is beyond what I imagined. Apple displayed their innovative prowess, marketing and ability to leverage partnerships.

I believe Apple will in the $200s the day Apple announced early ‘24 that they are sold out of Vision Pros

Thanks for the article. Well researched and presented well
Jonathan Weber profile picture
@StormanNorman thanks! Glad you liked the article. All the best
Don't bet against this company. The headsets are just 1 project. Apple has many projects.
Jonathan Weber profile picture
@Anythingcanhappen I’m not betting against them or shorting, just not buying. All the best
".....While Apple is a quality company, the huge premium relative to the historic norm isn't justified....". This is an incorrect inference because the makeup of AAPL's business and revenue stream is changing away from just "devices" to a much more diverse revenue stream based on a growing "ecosystem" of devices, services and advertising. To the extent this more diverse revenue base increases not only AAPL's growth but earnings consistency/quality, it does deserve a higher valuation than it has had historically. Why does COST trade at 35x forward earnings when it has only grown op profit by 11% CAGR over the past 15 years? The answer: consistency of earnings/CF and high investor confidence that this consistency can be maintained. This, I believe, is occurring with AAPL also.
Jonathan Weber profile picture
@truckster Apple still is very much hardware focused. I would buy Costco at the current valuation, either. All the best
@Jonathan Weber - They are product focused. People get waaaaay to much mileage out of the "Apple is a HW company" mantra, which trades on the idea that SW only companies have low distribution costs. So? Apple does both HW and SW, and that is a massive strategic benefit. The market is only beginning to understand this.
StormanNorman profile picture

I do not recall where I read this quote but I agree with the sentiment

“ Apple is a software company that just happens to make hardware “
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