Yahoo's 100-Day Overhaul-less Overhaul

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According to a Kevin Delaney story in Monday's WSJ, the 100-day overhaul at Yahoo (YHOO) is going to result in ... more of the same. He says people are telling him a "major overhaul" is unlikely, and Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang is playing down the significance of the 100-day deadline next month.

There is some decent news in here, however, at least for those of us wondering why Yahoo Finance has ceded ground to Google Finance:

Some expect Mr. Yang to increase available resources to activities that attract users from the outside, such as the home page, email and its finance-information site, as opposed to activities such as its news site, which are more reliant on people linking there from other parts of Yahoo.

Speaking entirely self-servingly, that would be nice. [Update] I do like the Yahoo Finance front page redesign though. Informative, and not too cluttered. The video section needs work, but the rest is a respectable refresh.