We're Listening: SA Homepage Now Includes Author Links

by: Mick Weinstein

Dear Seeking Alpha reader,

When we launched our new site two weeks ago, I asked readers to send us feedback on what you thought could be improved. We received plenty, listened carefully, and have begun implementing a number of changes. Among those we've already taken live:

  • Author names and stock tickers now appear on our homepage 'Opinion & Analysis' column and sector homepages (example) so you get more info on an article to help you decide if you want to click through. This also supports one of our primary goals in the redesign - to bring more attention to our contributors.
  • We created a 'river of articles' page for readers who prefer to see all articles published in chronological order, in an unedited way (like our old homepage). This page is linked from the bottom of our 'Opinion' column on the homepage - or just bookmark it!
  • Author pages now show the dates of articles and stocks that the articles referred to.
  • We now show more headlines (15) in our SA News Briefs column on our homepage.
  • Our 'Global Markets' dropdown menu now includes Commodities, Currencies and Gold & Precious Metals.

We continue to listen carefully to your feedback, and our outstanding dev team has many more enhancements in the works.

So please continue to share your thoughts on how we can make Seeking Alpha an even better resource for your market news and analysis. You can use the comments section below this post, or contact us directly.

Thanks for being a part of Seeking Alpha.

~ Mick Weinstein, SA Editor in Chief