Northern Orion, Yamana, Meridian: The Golden Dynasty Soap Opera

Includes: AUY, MDG, NTO
by: Mark Turner

Wednesday saw the latest installment in Pedro Brown Productions smash hit soap opera, "Golden Dynasty".

As we all know, the "Golden Dynasty" all star cast includes Yamana (NYSE:AUY), "aggressive, thrusting upwardly mobile", Meridian (MDG) "rich, tempting, save-me-from-this-brute" and Northern Orion (NTO) as "somebody-still-wants-me-after-all-these-years".

In the last episode, the rich, handsome yet cold and calculating Yamana tried yet again to win the heart of the beautiful but elusive Meridian. Let's recap some of the dialogue from a scene that had us on the edge of our seat:

AUY: "Meridian, my love! You know you cannot resist forever. Succumb to my powers."

MDG: "I feel slightly drawn to your magnetic yet unbecoming seduction. In fact, I think about 34% of me wants to swoon in your arms."

AUY: "Another third of you, my dear…just another third!"

MDG: "No! Never! I will not be yours!"

AUY: "Can't you see there's nobody else for you? You asked around! There are no gallant knights to sweep you off your feet."

MDG: "It matters not! I will live alone! People like you just want to use me as their own personal goldmine!"

AUY: "You're a fool, Meridian! I'm offering you my full self! It's only fair! There's nothing else to say, and that's final!"

(Yamana exits stage left. Meridian produces handkerchief from sleeve and dabs eyes)

So on to this week's exciting episode! In this first scene, Yamana plots secretly with Orion North. Orion admires Yamana, as he himself was once a strutting buck. But fate has reduced Orion to scraping a ever decreasing existence. Known to be rather miserly, he has hoarded a big pile of cash over the years. His grand plan of investing in a business codenamed "Rich Water" and making his big comeback has faded over the years.

Scene 1

AUY: "Orion old boy, we can use your cash."

NTO: "But Yamana, Rich Water is still there waiting for me."

AUY: Those days are gone, and you know it. This is your last chance! Let's be partners! I got the brains, you got the money. Together we can sweep this Meridian girl off her feet!"

NTO: "But what about Rich Water?"

AUY: "It's worthless now, and you know it! Cut your losses man and team up with me! We can palm Rich Water off to old Uncle Barrick later."

NTO (sighs): "I suppose there's nothing left for me to do. Ok, let's do it. Here's $250m."

We cut to later that same evening. When Yamana invited Meridian for champagne cocktails on his luxury yacht, she was reluctant to accept. But again a small part of her could not resist his dulcet tones. We find them out on deck, considering the stars. A gentle breeze wafts through her flaxen hair, his white jacket and silk cravat are perfectly adjusted.

Scene 2

AUY: "But my darling, I need you! Together we can rule this whole continent."

MDG: (sighs) "Oh Yamana, don't you ever give up? You've already offered everything you have and you know my answer!"

AUY: "No, sweet Meridian. I can give you more. Don't listen to a mere third of your soul! If just half of you wants me, you must surrender yourself! I will give you more! Much, much more! I now have another U$250M, and you can have it all, all of it!! Just say yes!"

MDG: "I knew you'd come crawling back to me like this! That's so typical of men like you! Why should I believe you this time? I bet you have more stashed away somewhere!"

AUY: "No no no, my love! This is really it! I know what I said before. In August I said it was my final offer. On September 4th I said it was my final offer. But now I really mean it! Honest!"

MDG: "I need to think. I'm not used to such aggression."

AUY: "I'll give you 2 weeks. Think about it. It's the best offer you'll ever get, my dear. If you can give 50.1% of yourself to me by October 4th, you'll be (a) mine forever! It will be so beautiful!"

With that, Yamana spins on his heel and moves to the cabin for another bottle of Dom Perignon. The beautiful Meridian looks wistfully into the distance. The screen fades to black and we are left with the words;


Meanwhile, for those of you who would like to enjoy the internet interactive game version of "Golden Dynasty" (available on most commercial channels, including E-Trade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Ameritrade, Scottrade amongst many others), we would suggest a look at the chart below. We immediately note that any volume spike in the last two months has been followed by an abrupt change in direction for the stars of the show. With NTO and MDG having moved up strongly to prices only barely justified by the terms of the deal, we suggest a short play in either NTO or MDG may make you enough to cover the cable charges for this month.

So until the next exciting episode of "Golden Dynasty", we bid you farewell and good fortune. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! (and on, and on, and on, and on………)

Disclosure: The author has no position in these stocks