Reuters energy summit...Day 2

by: Michael McAllister

Second day of the Reuters energy summit.  See yesterday's posrting for the speakers list.   

Boone Pickens:

Sixty ($60/b) may slow everything down

Three-dollar gasoline could be a choker

Claude Mandil; head of the IEA

I am very surprised when I hear that those companies still consider a price of $25 to make a trigger for investment

Even with this increasing (OPEC) capacity, spare capacity is low.  Spare capacity is almost nil in refining


Lee Raymond

If a Canadian company wanted to buy Unocal, would we get the same reaction

China is going to continue to have strong economic growth, whether or
not it'll be on the order of magnitude that it's been, one could
probably have to say just because of the law of large numbers in
percentage terms it'll probably decrease somewhat

One would have to be very careful about thinking about any investments in Venezuela

There will be significant growth in LNG in this country

You either retire or die and I'd just as soon not die