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I came across a story on the above title by the trade arm of the Japanese Government. Here's a look at what AMD (AMD) is doing in Japan and what its focus is for the future.

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AMD is a $5.0 billion designer and producer of microprocessors and Flash memory devices and views its Japan operations as key to its product development and product planning. Its Flash memory joint venture with global powerhouse Fujitsu and its Japan Engineering Lab (JEL) serve to capture the technology trends starting in Japan and bring them to the global marketplace. The company sees Japan as the leader of global trends in mobile computing and intends to penetrate its enterprise computing market valued as the second largest in the world.

Established in 1976, AMD Japan has historically been involved in the Flash memory business, enjoying a long relationship with Fujitsu that helped the company establish a flash memory manufacturing site in Japan. In 2003, AMD Japan and Fujitsu formed the joint venture Spansion to focus exclusively on developing, manufacturing, and marketing Flash memory. As a result, AMD was able to develop and introduce MirrorBit technology, which allows users to have both high-speed access and high-density features.

More recently, the company has placed more focus on their microprocessor developments. Engineers at AMD Japan continue to make progress in developing processing capabilities at ever decreasing power and are also looking for ways to enable processors to quickly attain zero-power states when needed and to have dynamic power reduction capabilities.

These engineers work out of AMD’s JEL established in 2004. Because AMD views Japan as the country where global mobile computing trends are set, engineers at JEL allow these trends to drive their product definition. “Japan is really the bell weather marketplace for us to learn the mobile space to get tapped into what we have to be doing in the future,

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