Add Trina to Buy List after Solar Shakedown

Includes: LDK, TSL
by: TraderMark

I am adding to the Trina Solar (NYSE:TSL) batch I added on Wednesday as the stock gets shaken down to its 50 day moving average ($53.50). This is consistent with my layering in, and out of positions. As the stock falls, I am buying in larger scale.

Now both LDK Solar and Trina Solar have fallen to their 50 day moving averages, creating nice entry opportunities. Ironic to me that Trina Solar has fallen 2/3 as much in aggregrate as LDK Solar, on LDK Solar's bad news. Oh the market, so naughty in your machinations.

This takes Trina Solar from 3.25% of the fund up to 4.6%. I am now down to the lowest amount of cash since mid August, as I bought a huge wad of solar this morning. Looks like we are in a 'rolling correction' by sector rather than a general market retreat. I am hoping the next candidates to get trashed are the oil services i.e. Core Laboratories (NYSE:CLB)

Long Trina Solar in fund and in personal account