Consumer Electronic Stocks Quick Links (RIMM, SNE, HPQ, GTW)

Includes: BB, GTW, HPQ, SNE

RIMM: The Wall St. Journal (sub. req.) profiles the judge presiding over the RIM/NTP patent case -- 'Email to U.S. BlackBerry customers: Judgment day is looming... [the judge's] demonstrated irritation with RIM's attempts to thwart a patent infringement suit... has some observers fearing a service-halt when he next takes up the case in the coming weeks.'; meanwhile, the Financial Times reports that for the first time in six months, the two sides are meeting to work out a settlement.

SNE: Sony announced that the PlayStation3 is still on track for a 2Q06 launch.

HPQ, GTW: The International Trade Commission overturned on appeal an earlier finding that Gateway PCs infringed on some Hewlett-Packard patents.