Fox Business vs. CNBC: Will the InterWeb Decide the Winner?

Includes: CNBC, NWS
by: Paul Kedrosky

The buzz continues about the Fox Business (NASDAQ:NWS)/CNBC (NASDAQ:CNBC) smackdown set to begin on Monday, but the interesting thing is most American won't even have a ringside seat. Why? Because Fox Business is likely not on their cable system, the same way it won't be on mine here in San Diego, so you'll end up reading about the new business network, not seeing it.

Here's my theory then: The first of the two business networks to stream their content live, free, and in realtime over the interweb will have a huge advantage. CNBC streams content now, but it costs money, both for current and archived media. Fox hasn't said much about its streaming plans, but were it to go live and free in realtime it would more than make up for its non-presence on many U.S. cable systems.

Could the interweb be the deciding factor in the Fox Business / CNBC tussle? If so, it would be a fascinating example of the interweb's new power in media.

Disclosure: In my spare time, I'm a CNBC analyst and appear intermittently on the channel.