Is Shanghai Century Acquisitions Being Overlooked?

| About: Shanghai Century (SHA)
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Shanghai Century Acquisitions (SHA) is a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation [SPAC] and has currently negotiated the purchase of a Chinese pharmaceutical company Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical, provisionally pending approval from the Chinese Competition and Fair Trade Authority which is an ongoing process.

Kelun is a leading corporation in manufacturing and distribution of IV solutions in China. They operate 13 manufacturing facilities in China along with 53 sales offices and the total number of employees is approximately 6.800. Kelun produces about 90 different kinds of IV solutions and their total production capacity is approximately 1, 4 billion doses a year. The corporation also manufactures hypodermic medication and over-the-counter.

Atorka has just acquired 21% stake in SHA. The buys took place over the past weeks and were done on the open market (with NO discounts).

Atorka is an investment company based out of Iceland, and it's listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Iceland and is included in the ICEX-15 index.

Atorka's own stock performance has been very impressive. It is up more than 76% for the year so far.

Here is the latest filing (.pdf) (made on October 12), showing their recent buys of SHA on the open market here in the United State and the corresponding prices (see Item #5).

One can see from there that Atorka now owns 3,803,970 shares of SHA (look at line #7), which represents 21.74% (line #13) of all outstanding shares of SHA.

SHA has a total stock float of 17.5 million shares. You take out the 3.8 million shares just bought by Atorka, other institutions own 35% (which is 6.1 million), and the insiders own 3.1 million shares.

You add all of the above and you get 13 million shares out of 17.5 million are not on the market. This means that SHA trading float is about 4.5 million shares.

The chart on SHA looks very bullish on all technical readings. Volume is increasing and it has broken the "double-top" 8.60 resistance:

With the recent demand for Chinese stocks, there is a good possibility that SHA is about to get more recognition. The fact that it has a tiny trading float, 20%+ of the company has been bought on the open market and it is listed on a major US exchange will definitely get investor's attention.

Disclosure: Author has a long position in SHA