Unimpressed With Fox Business

| About: News Corporation (NWS)
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Okay, having seen about five minutes of Fox Business (NASDAQ:NWS) programming over the web, as well as scanning the just-launched corollary website, I'm going to cheerfully wax opinionated. The upshot: I am considerably less impressed than I thought I would be. I was expecting something smoother and more fun, with fewer suits, fewer talking heads, and generally less C-SPAN-feeling (and less like the reincarnation of CNNfn).

For example, despite having surely been in the works for ages, the site feels somewhat slapdash, with supposedly embeddable video that is missing the correct tags to make it embeddable. The front page feels very 1998, with a huge banner, minimal live content, a few wandering headlines, and that's about it. Where is the live content? Where is the "you are there" feeling? Where is the sense that we are in a post-YouTube, post-Ze world? Fox Business's site has done the near-impossible: It has made the cluttered CNBC (NASDAQ:CNBC) website seem darn good.

Turning to the clips I have watched from the broadcast itself, there is little on-screen to show that we are seeing anything new and different. No futures/indices, no scroll, few on-screen graphics bugs, and little that seems either mainstreet or subversive. An interview with Fox analyst Carly Fiorina immediately descended into business speak and qualifiers, with little punch and little to open up the conversation and make it more interesting and accessible to anyone off Wall Street.

I'm sure things will get better, and it will be great when they do -- the competition is sorely needed -- but for now Fox Business doesn't do much for me.

Disclosure: I'm woefully conflicted as a sometime CNBC contributor and analyst, most recently on the dearly-departed "On the Money".