Dave Fry's Market Outlook For Tuesday

by: David Fry

Rainy days and Mondays once again. The buzz on Monday came from banks with poor earnings and warnings from Citigroup, a proposed super fund to ease credit market conditions, record high crude oil prices and uncertainty over the flood of earnings about to hit the Street.

With stock prices high, this kind of news was more than enough to drive stock prices lower on decent volume. [Take your choice from the sources below.]

Wall Street Journal


The bank super fund is interesting. Some thought initially that this package might mark the end of the so-called mortgage/credit crunch crisis since this $100 billion pool might then outline the total damage to bank portfolios. But as more of the fund’s details emerged it seems it has little to do with subprime mortgage issues for example. Is this then just the first in a series of super-funds organized by Treasury Secretary Paulson? Stay tuned, is all I can say.

Meanwhile, in other sectors like tech, earnings will be highly scrutinized.

Let’s look briefly at the global picture as represented by popular BRIC markets.

Aside from the obvious attempts by Treasury Secretary Paulson to bailout banks and help relieve the credit crunch investors remained uncertain and unimpressed today. In fact, they seemed more not less concerned. Once again, once investors get a handle on the scope of the credit problems they won’t be satisfied. Whether you agree or not with Paulson’s attempt to manage/manipulate/help the situation, one thing’s for sure, he’s fully engaged.

You might get the idea that I’m a little ticked-off about energy market conditions and you’d be right. Several decades have passed since the first oil embargo. Have we drilled more in the US for energy? No, less. Instead we have allowed the NIMBY and environmentalist crowd to prevent drilling where we know there are proven reserves. We enrich unstable countries and transfer our wealth to them. We haven’t built any nuclear plants or seriously explored other alternatives. Why? Demagoguery about big oil and pandering to the worst instincts of voters has left us with no policy and at the mercy of idiots.

So while we give out awards to nincompoops we remain bankrupt of energy leadership.

That will serve as my rant for the day.

Have a pleasant evening.

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