Three Speech Recognition Stocks We Don't Hear Enough About

Includes: NMSS, NUAN, VOXW
by: Stockerblog

Speech recognition is the understanding of the spoken word by technology, and the implementation of various actions based on the understood words. There aren't very many speech recognition companies out there, and many of the the ones that do trade publicly are not generating positive earnings. Many of them are very low cap, and should therefore be considered very speculative.

Despite this problem, here are some that are some that just might be worth hearing about:

  • Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:NUAN), is a Massachusetts-based company that is a provider of speech and imaging solutions. It provides voice-activated services, the transformation of speech into written words, as well as controlling devices, and applications by speaking. It purchased SpeechWorks, which worked closely with America Online, in 2003. It has a P/S ratio of 6.74, a forward P/E of 26, and a price earnings to growth ratio of 1.49.
  • Preferred Voice Inc.[PRFV.OB], is a Texas-based company which is a provider of services to the telecommunications industry including Voice Activated Dialing, which is a speech recognition service. It has a P/S of 2.16, and a forward P/E of 5.
  • NMS Communications Corp. (NMSS), is a Massachusetts-based company which provides technology to wireless, and landline telecommunications operators, network equipment, and providers of applications, including speech activated services. Its P/S ratio is 0.78.
  • Fonix Corp.[FNIX.OB], is a Utah-based company which is a provider of automated speech recognition, and text-to-speech solutions. It has a P/S ratio of 1.33.
  • Voxware Inc. (VOXW), is a New Jersey-based company that makes, and sells software for voice recognition solutions for use in distribution centers. It has a P/S ratio of 1.92.
  • One Voice Technologies Inc. [ONEV.OB], is a La Jolla, California-based company that makes and markets voice recognition software for the telecommunications and interactive multimedia industries. The P/S is 16.86.
  • Disclosure: The author does not own any of the above.