Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round, 10/18//07; MO' Money in Altria

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Thursday October 18. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Wachovia (NASDAQ:WB):

'I think WB is one of the most conservatively-managed of the big money center banks right now. The yield is safe.'
Research in Motion (RIMM): 'I like RIMM much better [than Palm].'
Altria (NYSE:MO): 'It's going to be two different companies. One is going to be high-growth... The other is going to be domestic. It's going to have a big yield …they are going to announce one of the biggest buybacks in history.'
Bidu (NASDAQ:BIDU): 'I said that BIDU - you should take out all the money you put in and play with the house's money... I am not willing to have you swap out of Google, to go into BIDU, though... Just too risky.'

Neutral calls:

RBC Bearings (NASDAQ:ROLL): 'This is a very plain vanilla company... I'm going to give you one thumb up, just because United … maybe even a don't buy, don't buy.
Investools (SWIM): 'They've had hundreds of thousands of people go through their classes. I just wish they had more profits. They've got huge revenues. It doesn't seem to be flowing to the bottom line. I'm not pulling the trigger on that one either.'

Bearish calls:

Palm (PALM): 'I think PALM is really scary, and I don't trust it... And why don't I trust it? It's poorly managed, poorly run.'
Macy's (NYSE:M): 'I did like Terry Lundgren [CEO}... But the guy is beginning to get me nervous and worried … Retail is bad.'
IBM (NYSE:IBM): 'A lot of people felt that the service revenue was okay, but the hardware was bad ...I think you mark time at $115, until the next quarter when they can clear that up...'
InvesTools (SWIM)

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