Fred Hickey on Dell and Cisco as a Value Play (CSCO, DELL)

Includes: CSCO, DELL
by: Daily Dose of Optimism

Daily Dose of Optimism submits: In his December newsletter, Barron's Roundtable participant Fred Hickey writes:

So there you have it...a sad batch of quarterly reports from several major enterprise it companies. Any hint of a big pickup in capital spending in these reports? The theory is simply a concoction to rationalize higher stock prices at year end. Don't be fooled. Some value buyers are circling around Dell and Cisco. They must be desperate. They look like "value traps" to me.

Excerpted from this month's High Tech Investor. If you invest in technology, and you don't subscribe, you should. Hickey would have helped you avoid dogs like Tuesday's BBY suprise.


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