Apple's Leopard to Launch Jobs's 'Post PC World'

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Last January, Steve Jobs alluded to a post PC, Web 2 world. It seemed to be an off hand remark. But, since then Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has introduced handheld OS X computers in the guise of iPhones and the iPod Touch. It is now likely that a OS X based slim MacBook touch screen Mac Tablet and even a resurrected new form of the Newton PDA are to follow. In fact I'm certain, because it is written in the game plan and purpose for Leopard and core animation.

The people who now look at Leopard as so much iCandy should set up and take notice. The world of personal computing is about to be rocked by Apple's Leopard, by core animation and the dumping of windows as a workspace. There will remain only one window which is all important to Apple and it is the small screen of their Web 2 portables. In the early 1980's Apple invented the first popular GUI based on windows and its metaphors of flat desktops, flat folders and flat documents. And, like the mess of our physical desktops and tables, the virtual world of desktops have been taken over by the random clutter of stand alone icons and overlapping windows.

Even Apple's expose can no longer handle it. The twenty plus web page windows and popups that typically come up on to my desk within a hour is a pain to manage and not unusual for a person working in the Web 2 World. Opening "Finder" folders in space wasting "Icon" view is rarely done. Instead we use nested tree listings of file names or spotlight or any trick to avoid more windows and icons on our desktop. In short, flat windows and stand alone icons are a barrier to the future of portable computing. That is why Apple is about to throw out the Mac GUI they invented in 1984. Every major feature of Leopard is designed with the reduction or elimination of overlapping open windows and stand alone icons. Spaces, Stacks, Quick Look, Time Machine and even the use of expandable panes within application windows instead of pop up windows. The huge benefit of core animation is not iCandy it is about making the small screen manageable. How many document icons can one put in a 7 square inch screen? 27 at best. With core animation's coverflow using the same space--endless. In mockery of the flippant attitude of the Leopard bashers I would say: "It's a post PC, post Windows world babe."

Disclosure: Author has a long position in AAPL