Amid Signs of Weakness, the Market Marches On

Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: Roger Nusbaum

This is interesting. It is from the crew at Bespoke.

So I guess China has quite a few more points to add on before imploding and at the rate it is going it should be there next week (humor attempt).

I was in transit when the GDP number printed. When I saw such a big number versus what was expected it seemed that something was not right. Barry called shenanigans. on the whole thing, this is a must read. When a number is very far from what's expected something will be strange. Maybe you can't figure out what but others will.

By now you know the Fed cut by 25 beeps, tried to talk tough in the statement and after hiccuping, the market whizzed higher. This is an interesting market these days. There are countless signs of weakness.

The Fed obviously doesn't cut rates because things are ducky.

Crude oil at $95 probably isn't helping too many people (save for the oil companies and the people who own the shares) but even in the oil patch there is strangeness with gasoline not keeping up with crude, this is something you should have read about by now.

The dollar is at some shocking levels against GBP (close to 2.08), AUD (above 0.93), EUR (flirting with 1.45) and the loonie which is below 0.95.

Earnings growth is slowing way down, again not a sign of strength.

Despite these issues plus a few others the market does has not care about any of them, so far. Maybe that will change in the future or is changing today?

This reiterates that the market can go big in either direction regardless of what the fundies would seem to dictate. I am plenty long (not 100% as I have mentioned many times) and plenty confounded. There are plenty of people out there to make the bull case and I am not sure if they are actually right or right for the wrong reason but for now they appear right. I don't really care, I just need to focus on staying somewhat close, which is what you need to do also. I am not sure how many times I have said this but it is true; there is no harm in lagging a monster rally but
missing one is bad news.