Best Buy/Gateway Desktops More Expensive, Worse Than Apple iMac, Says Mossberg

Includes: AAPL, BBY, DELL, GTW
by: SA Editors

The Wall Street Journal's influential personal technology columnist, Walter Mossberg, penned a damning review of Gateway's new all-in-one desktop PC and recommended that consumers purchase Apple iMacs instead. The Gateway One is available in three versions costing $1,299, $1,499 and $1,799. Gateway will sell the mid-price version directly, while Best Buy has exclusive rights to sell the low- and high-end models. Mossberg, a long time proponent of Apple computers, said that the Gateway machines had smaller and lower-resolution screens, an inferior operating system (Windows Vista) and multimedia software, slower processors, and lacked built-in video cameras. "Shockingly," he wrote, "for those who still cling to the notion that Windows machines are always priced lower than comparable Macs, the entry-level Gateway One costs $100 more than the entry-level iMac... At the high end, the $1,799 Gateway has a much smaller screen than the comparably priced iMac." The only advantages Mossberg could find in the Gateways were larger hard-drives and more memory. Dell is also set to release an all-in-one desktop PC. While Mossberg's review bodes ill for Gateway and Best Buy's desktop sales in the important holiday shopping season, demand has shifted strongly towards laptop sales over the last two years.

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