Hitachi Plans World Plasma Domination (HIT, LPL)

Includes: HTHIY, LPL
by: Yankee Group

By Carl Howe

HDBeat notes that Hitachi (HIT) has thrown down the gauntlet to dominate plasma displays by 2008. I am sure Samsung, LG (NYSE:LPL), and Panasonic are going to have something to say about that. And despite this appearing to be a battle between the Japanese and Korean manufacturers, I've got to believe that we'll see China get into the act too.

This said, we saw about a 35% price drop of plasma displays this year. With these guys gearing up for global business warfare, we can probably expect the same for the next two years or so as well. But just as in 2005, I don't think we'll see overall prices drop that much; instead you'll see the different price points gain more resolution (1080p will become a standard premium feature), better scalers, and more cutting edge consumer design as differentiators.

HIT 1-yr chart:


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