Media Companies, Not Internet Companies, Own Fastest-Growing Large Sites (CNET, NWS, WPO, YHOO)

Includes: AABA, CNET, GHC, NWS
by: David Jackson

Paul Kedrosky comments:

What I find most interesting is how many of them I didn't know until I saw this list... Some of my unfamiliarity is explained by the following bit of text attached to the figure: "Visitors age 12-24 are more likely than the average Web user to visit these fastest growing sites, which show approximately 50 to 90 percent more young visitors than the average Web site's audience." Ah, so that's the issue: I'm too old and unhip.

Quick stock-related comment:

What is perhaps more remarkable is the low representation of publicly-traded Internet companies in the list. Media companies do OK though: MySpace, at #2, is owned by Newscorp (NWS), and Slate, at #5, is owned by the Washington Post (WPO).

In fact, the list seems to suggest that new companies are rapidly emerging to challenge the web incumbents., which provides image hosting for MySpace, eBay, blogs, message boards, and online photo albums, competes with photo hosting services acquired by CNET (CNET) and Yahoo (YHOO), for example.

Interesting to compare this table to the comScore November Top 20.

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