Microcap eMagin Switches From Military Market to iPod Video Headset (EMA, AAPL)

Includes: AAPL, EMA

eMagin (NYSEMKT:EMA), an AMEX-listed flat panel display company that has to date served mainly the military and industrial spheres, adapted its technology for the consumer market with a gaming device, and will now release this very interesting product -- an add-on for the 5G iPod that displays video (literally) before your eyes. eMagin claims that its $600 (!) 'EyeBud' produces a experience equivalent to viewing a 105-inch display from a distance of 12 feet.

Is this the next great, must-have consumer electronics device? Tech analyst Jonathon Cohen is skeptical:

The makers of EyeBud claim society will eventually get used to its outlandish appearance the same way people have adapted to Bluetooth headsets. I disagree - Devices which isolate auditory input to one ear are comfortable (i.e., phones) but splitting one's field of vision is highly disorienting and I wouldn't want to watch a movie that way. EyeBud will garner curious and aspersion casting stares from anyone who might be concerned they're looking at a prototype for RoboCop.

EMA 1-yr chart:

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