The Google Cube & GooOS To Be Unveiled at CES? (GOOG)

| About: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)
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By Carl Howe

There's an interesting post running around saying that Larry Page is going to announce a hardware client for Google services built on a completely new operating system called GooOS at CES on Friday. It's a great rumor -- but I don't buy it. Why? Because it isn't clear what kind of problem it solves. Google has been doing fine delivering services to PCs -- why does it need its own version with all the support hassles associated with a consumer product?

All that said, it should be interesting to hear what Larry has to say. Maybe we'll find out why they are buying up all that dark fiber -- or maybe not. I will note that I've noticed all-day Google meetings running here at the Venetian hotel, but I have no further information about what they are doing here yet.