Samsung’s Market Cap Leaps above US$100b (EWY, SNE, TM)

Includes: EWY, SNE, TM
by: Steven Towns

I'm editor of The Japan Stock Blog, but I have a feeling I will be blogging more often on South Korea’s leading stocks as some of the country’s biggest companies become even more competitive globally in-line with a robustly growing domestic economy. Below is perhaps the most well-known among them.

AP (South Korea) reported yesterday that Samsung Electronics Co., now has a market cap of US$103 billion after its shares gained 5.1% yesterday. This is the first time a South Korean company has ever exceeded $100 billion in value and on top of that, it gives Samsung bragging rights in Asia, where it is worth more than double Japanese rival, Sony (SNE), which is valued at US$41 billion.

Some of you may be interested in investing in Samsung. I don’t blame you. Although you might not be interested in its record high share price of $699 per share. Not to mention that it gained 46% in 2005. The big question: Just how much further can its shares rise?

We have visited the issue of how to invest in Samsung in the past on Seeking Alpha. Refer to this link for information and also keep in mind there is an ETF covering South Korea, ticker: EWY, which in my opinion is a much safer bet and gives you better diversification, although by saying that it’s somewhat misleading because much of Korea’s economy is riding on the success of only a handful of companies.

Lastly, you may want to read this post discussing how Samsung is quickly becoming the king of CE while dethroning Sony in the process.