DirecTV's Wireless Assault on Cable (DTV)

Includes: CMCSA, T, TWTC
by: The Stalwart

The Stalwart submits: Yesterday, DirecTV (DTV) fired the latest salvo in the battle between satellite and cable providers. MSNMoney reports that the company announced they'd soon have a plan to offer wireless Internet access. I guess you should never let the lack of a product get in the way of making an announcement:

Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News Corp, said on Monday the group's DirecTV satellite television arm was close to deciding a strategy on how to enter the wireless high-speed internet market, with a plan due within two months.

Mr Murdoch, whose company owns a controlling stake in DirecTV, said the satellite group could invest about $1bn in a deal to provide internet access, a two-way service which cannot be directly offered via satellite links.

Cable and telecom competitors do offer high-speed internet access and Mr Murdoch has identified providing a similar bundle of services as a priority in light of the rapid spread of broadband use. DirecTV has said it is in talks about entering the wireless market, possibly through a deal involving WiMax technology, an emerging form of high-speed wireless service.

At this point the term WiMax is basically codeword for "non-announcement announcement".

The whole thing reminds us of Nixon's secret plan for getting us out of Vietnam. We'll see it when we see it, though it's more evidence (we guess) that the Time Warners and Comcasts won't have the cushy monopoly they'd assumed.

DTV 1-yr chart: